A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about small talk and how to master it.

But, what if you get stuck?

What if the conversation is dull?

What do you talk about?

What if there is an awkward silence?

You might run into these situations during sorority recruitment. Sometimes the sorority member will run out of things to say.  Sometimes the conversation does not go according to plan. Sometimes you just don't click with the sorority member you are talking to. 

Rather than sitting in an awkward silence hoping something will change, you have to change it. You have to take control of the conversation and let your personality shine. 

Just an FYI: It’s not a big deal if these situations happen to you. Don’t think the sorority does not like you. It's a great opportunity to embrace your inner It Girl!

 Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Here are some basic tips to combat the awkward silence. 


babe tip #1.

Ask open ended questions.

It’s that simple. The sorority members will be talking to a lot of girls all day about the same stuff. Literally the exact same stuff.

Ask questions you want to know the answer to!

Talk about your list. You know... your make or breaks.

Read all about your list HERE.

Here is an example. Are you really interested in all of the clubs on campus? Ask the sorority member if she is in a club or what clubs the sorority members are in. 

Then, you can get the sorority member to talk all about the club she is in. Instantly, you took a boring conversation into a moment where  Y O U  can learn.


Here are some more examples of what to ask about:

  • Ask about the sisterhood.

  • Ask if they hold sisterhood events.

  • Ask about the philanthropy and the philanthropy events.

  • Ask about Big/ Little.

  • Ask about living in the house (if applicable).

  • Ask about things to do on campus.

  • Ask about their favorite things to do around campus.

  • Ask about their favorite coffee shops or places to eat.

  • Ask about their favorite places to shop.

  • Ask about what they do outside of sorority life.

  • Ask if she has studied abroad.

  • Ask if you can hold a position as a new member.


Ask about what you want


Babe Tip #2.

Complement the sorority member on something she is wearing.

Be genuine. If you really don’t like her outfit, don’t say you love it. The sorority member will see straight through your little white lie.

If you are into fashion, this is a great way to talk about something that interests you. Ask about the boutiques in town. If you are a fashion merchandising major, talk about your major. If you had a fashion internship, talk about it. 



Babe Tip #3. 

Have fun. Don't put too much pressure on the conversations.

You are there to get to know the sorority members. You want to see if you could be friends with them! Sorority recruitment is all about finding your people. 

Be you. Show off your personality. If you have a funny story to share, tell it! 

Make sure the story is relevant though. Don't share a funny store about how your uncle's cousin broke his foot in Mexico. 


Have fun


There are also some things not to do. 


What not to do #1. 

Don’t talk about the weather.

Guess what…. everyone knows it’s hot, and no one really cares.

We all know the weather is just a boring topic.


what not to do #2.

Don’t say, "only 1 hour until lunch."

Okay. Duh, it's one hour until lunch. 

Immediately after saying that, you are probably going to be placed in another moment of awkward silence. No one wants two awkward silences in the same conversation.


don't talk about the obvious


what not to do #3.

Don’t talk about rumors.

That’s just not cute, and it's uncomfortable for the sorority member. Even if you don’t think the sorority is the right fit for you, you don’t need to be rude.


What not to do #4.

Don’t just stare off into space. Not only is this weird, but it’s also super uncomfortable…. Don't do it!




Moral of the story.

Don’t let an uncomfortable situation get the best of you. Have a couple of go to questions to ask. Make sure you are asking questions that you want to know the answers to. 


It's simple.  You will come off as interested,  A N D  you will be able to keep the conversation going. Interesting topics make for interesting conversations. 

Just make sure not to talk about the three B's -- boys, booze, the Bible (By the Bible, I mean religion. If part of your list is joining a bible study, you should ask about that!) . Let’s also add in politics. Don’t talk about that either.


Later Babes!





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