Have you ever wondered what all goes into sorority recruitment?

How the sorority members always have something to talk about? 

What happens behind the scenes? 


Today, I am breaking down everything that goes into sorority recruitment. 

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Let’s break it down. 


Sorority recruitment really   N E V E R   stops.

The sorority members are held up to high standards. They have to follow the rules of the sorority. It’s nothing too extreme, but you can’t be running around campus naked. They have to keep up a good image. 


Throughout the recruitment season, all sororities put a lot of work in.

Every member has a purpose.

Some of the members help out with reading the REC letters, voting, and matching.

Some members talk to the girls going through sorority recruitment.

Some members are in charge of the recruitment process.

Every sorority member has to be on the top of their game in order for sorority recruitment to go well.




Every member has the opportunity to hold a position in the sorority. This position is a year-long commitment.

Usually in November/ December, the sorority votes in a new council.

However, the Recruitment Chair and the President have all the power of sorority recruitment. They are in charge of putting the members on the different boards, putting the member into groups, putting on the work week, choosing the themes, choosing outfits, matching members and pnms... the list goes on.

They are the backbone to sorority recruitment.




The first main event is Spring Recruitment.

At my college, Formal Recruitment was in the Fall, so Spring Recruitment was labeled as Informal Recruitment.

Not every sorority has Spring Recruitment. It depends on the sorority's quota.


Just an FYI: Quota is the number of girls the sorority has to have in the sorority. If the sorority is under quota, they will take part in Informal Recruitment. It’s not a bad thing if the sorority is under quota or if the sorority takes part in Spring Recruitment.


The Recruitment chair:

  • sets up events

  • chooses the member to participate

  • sends out invites to girls going through Spring Recruitment

  • creates a Bid Day theme

  • looks at the voting

  • extends bids to potential new members


Recruitment chair




Every sorority has songs or chants for sorority recruitment. 


Just an FYI: Many sororities will greet you with these chants during Formal Recruitment. It's loud and can be overwhelming at first. Yes, it's very similar to all the memes.... the members are so  E X C I T E D  to meet you!


The newest pledge class has to learn all of these songs… after chapter, the members will stay for like an hour and learn them.

This practice happens during Spring semester and will go on for as many weeks as it takes to get the chants perfect.



Later in the semester, the whole chapter will have to attend a workshop. It’s basically a pre-work week.

Usually, the sorority members are there all day. I am talking like 8 hours. I know crazy!

The Recruitment Chair will share all the vital information about Formal Recruitment. Like what the sorority member has to wear for each round. Shoes. Dress. Jewelry.  E V E R Y T H I N G .

Then, the sorority members will practice for recruitment. The practice is short and usually specific.

They could practice the chants.

They could practice lining in the order for sorority recruitment.

It really could be anything.

It’s up to the Recruitment Chair and President.


practice makes perfect



During the summer, most of the prep for sorority recruitment happens.

The sorority will be receiving hundreds of REC letters. They will be planning everything.

  • The decorations.

  • The groups for the sorority members.

  • Matching girls going through recruitment with sorority members.

  • Everything.

The sorority members will be buying all their outfits and getting all the essentials. Like lots of Red Bull and lots of mints.




The sorority members have to cut their summer break short and come back to campus to practice for sorority recruitment. Most sororities call this week work week.

It’s basically summer camp for sorority girls.

They will be perfecting their chants.

They will be perfecting conversation.

They will be hanging out with all their sorority sisters.

They will be doing dress checks. Dress checks are when the Recruitment Chair and President make sure each member's outfits fit the criteria for the rounds. Yep, every outfit has to be checked. If the outfit is vetoed, the sorority member has to go out and buy another one. 

They will be cleaning the house/ room.

They will be setting up for each round.

They will be running through each round of sorority recruitment.

They will be discussing girls who are going through sorority recruitment. Like legacies and targets. Read all about targets HERE.

These hours are long. Like really long.

I remember we would get to the house around 9 AM and staying there as long as we needed to. Sometimes we would leave at 4 PM, or it could be 10 PM. It depended on the day and the Recruitment Chair.


everything has to be perfect




After work week, it’s time for recruitment.

Guess what…. more practice. 

After a long day of sorority recruitment, the sorority members have to come back to the sorority house, vote (if the sorority does a chapter vote), and practice some more.

The Recruitment Chair and President put a lot of pressure on the members to make sure everything is  P E R F E C T !


Like I said, I a lot of work goes into sorority recruitment.



Why do sororities practice?

It’s simple.

They want to recruitment the best girls.

They want you to feel at home.

They want to show off how great they are.

They want you to be like “OMG I LOVE insert sorority name here!! I HAVE TO BE A MEMBER!!”


Why am I sharing this?

I am not trying to scare you. I am just showing you how important sorority recruitment is to the sorority members. 

Like I have said before, sorority recruitment is a two-way street. You have to put in work too.


Make connections.

Show off your personality.

Practice small talk.

Create the perfect recruitment packet. Read all about recruitment packets HERE.

Create outfits that allow you to stand out.

Reach out to girls you know.

And don’t forget to embrace your inner It Girl.


Later Babes!



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