Here at Getting the Bid, we talk a lot about embracing your inner It Girl.

You might be like okay cool, but what does embracing your inner It Girl even mean... 

It’s simple.

You share your truth.

You know you have a unique story to share with the world.

You know you are the sh!t, and you don’t let anyone get in the way.

That’s how you embrace your inner It Girl.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Let’s dig a little deeper into this topic.


You are what you put out into the universe. The version of yourself you show off to the world is entirely up to you! You hold all the power. 


This is how an it girl walks into sorority recruitment.

The It Girl will walk into sorority recruitment knowing exactly who she is.

She knows what she wants out of a sorority.

She doesn't let reputations stand in her way.

She goes into sorority recruitment with an open mind.

She is a babe on a mission.

She is putting out positive energy to finding her home away from home.

She wants to find the girls she connects with. Not the girls Samantha connects with. The girls  S H E  connects with. 

She wants to find some of her best friends.

ANNNDDD... She gets the bid to her dream sorority!


So what’s stopping you from embracing your inner It Girl? You have all the power to dictate your future! And guess what... You too are an It Girl!


you're an it girl


But let's get real.

Sounds easy, right?

It's not always easy to embrace your inner It Girl. 

Sorority recruitment can get the best of every single girl that goes through the process. You think you find your dream sorority. Then, you get dropped or you hear something you don't like or some boy tells you something.... the list goes on. 

You start to question  E V E R Y T H I N G . This is called the what if stage. 

However, you cannot let the what if stage control your future. You are in control. The It Girl would say, "Okay. Let's find my dream sorority." 


If you are not embracing your inner it girl you might start to feel….



If you are feeling intimidated by the sorority members, you are not going to be embracing your inner It Girl!

You are going to be holding back from all your conversations.

You are going to come off like you don’t want to be there.

You are not opening up to the sorority members.

You are not going to show off your personality.

Let’s be real honest the sorority members are not going to feel like they got to know you… sooooo you are not going to get a great score.



Not cool or Not pretty enough.

If you feel like you are not pretty enough or not cool enough to join the sorority, you are not embracing your inner It Girl!

You can join  A N Y  sorority you want. You are pretty enough. You are cool enough. You are enough.

Don’t let the stereotypes hold you back.

Just be you. Don’t worry about anyone else.

Go into the round knowing what you want out of a sorority, know who you are, and ask the questions you want the answers to.

Be the best version of yourself.

The sororities want to get to know  Y O U . They want to see if you are the right fit for them.


you are enough



If you know a girl in the sorority and you know she does not like you for whatever reason, who cares! Don’t immediately say, “I can’t join Alpha Alpha Alpha because Sally is in it. She hates me.”

Sally might have heard rumors about you that are  N O T  true. Sally might have gone to your rival high school. Don’t let Sally stand in your way of finding your dream sorority. Worry about the bigger picture… finding your home.

Go into all of the sororities with an open mind.

Show off how great you are.

Make connections.

Ask questions.

Try and bond with every sorority member.

If you feel like this sorority is the perfect sorority for you, join the sorority. Don’t let someone else opinion hold you back. You fought for a spot, and you deserve the spot you got.


Closed minded.

If you go into sorority recruitment judging all the sororities, you are not embracing your inner It Girl!

What if this sorority is the right fit for you? What if you are passing up meeting some of your best friends?

You have to keep an open mind. You cannot let that boy tell you which sorority is the “hottest” sorority on campus.

Y O U  have to make the decision for yourself.

You have to find  Y O U R  home.

And let’s be honest that boy does not know anything about the actual sorority.


don't list to that boy listen to your heart


Moral of the story.

People see you the way you see yourself. If you are confident and ready to find your home, the sorority members will see that. They will see you are sharing your truth. They will see you are making connections. They will see you want to be there. ANNNDDD they will see you are the It Girl. They will give you the score you deserve. They will want to you be in their sorority.


Later Babes!





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