Going to college out of state has different challenges than going to college instate. The same goes for sorority recruitment.

Is it harder? Yes and no. It really depends on how you look at it. I will get deeper into this topic later in the post. 

I have dedicated this post to all the out of state girls going through sorority recruitment. 


Just a little background. My family has lived in Georgia for 17 years. 

I went to the University of Georgia. 

My younger sister decided to not attend a college in Georgia and went rogue and applied to Arizona State University two days before the application closed…. Crazy, right? She is the spontaneous one in the family, lol. 

Long story short, she got a huge scholarship to ASU and decided to go there. She packed up all her things and headed out to Arizona. 

She was excited to start a new chapter of her life and excited to meet new people. She knew she wanted a sorority to be a part of this new chapter.

That summer, she asked me for some advice. I told her all about sorority recruitment. However, we both knew her sorority recruitment experience would be different. 

These are the two main differences:

  1. She was at a different college -- every college has a different process for sorority recruitment

  2. She was on the other side of the country -- yes, there is a huge difference in sorority recruitment out West and in the South


Let me know if you want me to write a whole post about recruitment in different areas of the US. 


Throughout sorority recruitment, she faced some different challenges as me and some similar challenges. She ended up joining Chi Omega. She has met some lifelong friends. She is honestly living her best life. 


Today, I sat down with Brooke, my sister, and we talked all about her experience. I am sharing all the details from our conversation here for you. 

I hope this helps! 

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Let’s jump into the conversation.


How was your sorority recruitment process different from an instate girl?

Well… only one girl from our high school when to ASU. However, she dropped out of her sorority after her second year.

I asked her about sorority recruitment, but she did not tell me much. 

I got some advice from you and our cousin, but both of you went to SEC colleges.

I did not really know what to expect. 

I feel like instate girls kind of know what to expect because they can talk to girls from high school or someone's older sister or a friend of a friend. 



Did you feel like you had a disadvantage?

Yeah kinda. If you know girls in other sororities at your college, you definitely have an advantage. The girls in the sororities are able to put in the good word for you. 

Read all about why you need to reach out HERE

But that’s only if you are friends with them, right? What if they hate you? 

Just an FYI: If a sorority member does not like you (for whatever reason), they might write a negative REC letter or RIF letter. 

You are right. On the other hand, I had no reputation going into sorority recruitment, so no one disliked me for any situation.  I felt like all the sororities gave me an equal chance. 


reach out to girls you know



were your conversations only oriented on being out of state?

Yes a lot of them! The first couple of rounds every sorority asks the same questions like, “why did I choose to go to ASU”.  You know, the basic stuff. 

After a couple of sororities, my answer started to come off robotic. I almost just wanted to walk into the room and be like “Hey! My name is Brooke. I am from Georgia. I went there because of my major.”

I wish I had talked more about the topics that were interesting to me. 

Like what?

More about the sororities. I really did not know much, so I wanted to see what they were all about. 



What are some tips for out of state girls going through sorority recruitment?

  1. Don’t get discouraged throughout the process. It all takes time. You will find your people.

  2. If you start to feel robotic, take hold of the conversation. Talk about the things you want to know. Ask questions and show off your personality. It will help you stand out from the crowd.

  3. Don’t talk to girls going through recruitment about their experiences. You want to have your own experience and opinions.

  4. Don’t be so serious. Have fun!


What did you do to have fun?

I had fun with the conversations and sorority members.

At first, I was so formal. When someone would ask me why I decided to go to ASU, I was like “they have a great Speech Therapy program….."

Then, I realized that's not me. I am not super serious, so I started to tell them the real reason. 

What was the reason?

I grew up in the South, and I wanted to get the hell out…. lol. Really, I just wanted to change. 


have fun



were you able to connect with other girls from out of state during your conversations? Did you only speak to other out of state girls?

I spoke to girls from all over. Some of the girls were from Arizona, some from Southern California, some from Georgia. 

I did not care what state they were from. I cared more about connections. 

However there was this one girl from Georgia, we just got each other. We related on so many different topics. It just made me feel a little bit more at home. 

Did you join that sorority?

No. I liked the sorority, but I found my home somewhere else. 



How was your transition?

It was actually really easy. I am an outgoing person, and I was close with my roommate. She was from the Chicago area, so we were in similar situations (both out of state). We vented to each other all about sorority recruitment and everything else. 



What were you looking for in a sorority? Was it different than the other girls?

I was looking for friends. I had a close group of friends in high school, and I wanted to find some great friends in college too.

I think most girls go into sorority recruitment trying to find friends. You know?

College can be hard. You are thrown into different situations, and you really need friends to help you out!



Was being out of state a   H U G E   deal?

People were very interested. We would talk about it for the first couple of minutes. Then, we would move on and talk about different things. 



How did you use being out of state as and advantage (standing out)?

I pulled out all my crazy stories. I told people about some of the kids from high school. They would laugh at my stories. I knew the sorority members would remember me because I was different. 

Also, everyone dressed way more casual than I did… it made me stand out. 

Plus, my hair was teased. It might not have been my best look. It did make me stand out though. 


Share your stories



Did you feel the pressure to join one sorority because it was the sorority everyone was talking about?

Not necessarily to join. I did want them to like me though.

You know?

I totally get it. I feel like every girl is in that same position. 


How about as the rounds went on? Did you feel the same way?

No. I did not care. I made my own opinions and formed relationships with girls in the sororities. 



what makes rushing out of state different than rushing instate?

You are not as comfortable. 

When is sorority recruitment comfortable? You never know what is going to happen. 

Yeah, I guess your right! 

Also, some girls get a huge cut after the first round. It’s really hard on them. However, you cannot give up. You have to be confident in who you are, and you have to form connections with the girls in the sororities. 



Did you find some sororities only took girls they knew? like girls from high school. 

No. I am sure a lot of the girls going through recruitment join the same sorority as their friends and older sisters. However, there are really no stereotypes like that.

Every sorority has girls from all over. There are no sororities at ASU that only have girls from one high school.


the sororities want all kinds of girls



Do you think rushing out of state is more challenging?

Let’s be honest… it’s hard for every single girl. Literally, every girl has her ups and downs throughout recruitment. 

Make sure to let your personality shine. Be you. The sororities are looking for new members that will add something to the sorority. 



If you could do it over again, would you go through recruitment at your college?

OMG yes! I made some amazing friends and met some great people!

Later Babes!



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