In a dream world, you would walk into sorority recruitment on Day One and meet your future Big. You would immediately know which sorority was right for you. You would join the sorority you have dreamed of. You would be on track to being the next Elle Woods.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


This dream does not happen for all girls going through sorority recruitment.

Many girls struggle with what they are hearing about the sororities and what their heart is telling them.

Many girls have a rollercoaster of emotions throughout sorority recruitment. Happy, excited, worried, sad, self-conscious, happy, ecstatic (at least this is what I felt during sorority recruitment).

Many girls feel like they have found the sorority of their dreams, and then they are dropped out of nowhere.


Never give up


After you get dropped from your top sorority...

Two options usually appear in your head:

  1. I’m done! I am dropping out of sorority recruitment. It obviously not right for me…

  2. Okay, should I go on and give my other choices another chance? I kinda like insert sorority name here.


Both of these options are valid. The first option always pops into our minds first. 

You thought you made real connections with the sorority members.

You are hurt.

You feel misunderstood. 

I get it. I have been there. Sorority recruitment is not easy.


However, you have to think big picture. You cannot get caught up in the moment.

Why did you decide to go through sorority recruitment? 

Did you want to make friends? Did you want to be involved in a philanthropy? Did you want to have a particular social life?

Whatever it is, you need to think about why you decided to go through sorority recruitment. 


Disclaimer: I just want to make one thing clear. A L L  sororities will offer you a similar experience. A L L  sororities have sorority members who are involved on campus, who are friends, who hang out with fraternities, etc.


When you get dropped from your number one sorority...

You have to G A I N   R E S I L I E N C E.

Have a minute to be sad, cry, call your mom/sister/whoever.

Then, you need to move on. You have to give all the sororities another chance.

Go into the next round and give it your all. You never know you might meet a sorority member you click with. Like I have said before, it only takes one person to change your mind.

However if you still feel like your choices are not the right fit for you, you might want to consider dropping. There is no judgment. There are plenty of options to still join a sorority or be involved on campus.

Read all about your options HERE. 


you got this


Let’s talk a little more about gaining resilience.

Resilience is a powerful tool in sorority recruitment. Make sure to add it to your bag of tricks. 

It is what will keep you sane during sorority recruitment.


What even is resilience?

It’s the ability to recover from a situation fast.

Rather than dwelling in your own situation, you move on.

You trust the process of sorority recruitment.

You adapt to new situations.

You know if you are sharing your truth and being the best version of yourself, you will find the right sorority for you!


But, before you can gain resilience...

You have to check your ego at the door.

Ego is the  E N E M Y.

You cannot think you are too pretty or cool to join a certain sorority. I guarantee every sorority has a group of girls you could be friends with. 

You have to go into sorority recruitment excited, but expecting  N O T H I N G.

That might sound crazy! What I am trying to say is you have to be open to all possibilities.

If you go into sorority recruitment expecting to join one particular sorority, you have expectations. You are comparing every other sorority to that particular sorority.

Then if you get dropped from that particular sorority, your dreams are crushed. You question why you are even participating in sorority recruitment. You are questioning yourself. You are doubting who you are.

This series of events will leave you depleted. You will not be giving your whole self to the other sororities. You will be forcing connections.

If you go in with no expectations, you will go in to have fun. You will be letting each sorority see who you are. You will be making genuine connections. You will be finding the sorority that is the right fit! Most importantly, you will be self-confident, able to adapt, and positive about sorority recruitment.


That is resilience. The ability to be self-confident. The ability to adapt. The ability to trust. The ability to be positive. The ability to know who you are and show off your personality. 


it's going to be okay


How do you gain resilience?

  • Be self-aware. You need to know who you are, what you stand for, and what you want. If you know the answers to all of these questions, then you will have a more positive outlook on sorority recruitment. Why are you disappointed you got dropped from that sorority? Is it because everyone else wanted to be in that sorority? You cannot let what everyone else wants influence what you want.

  • Be optimistic. Be open-minded. Give everyone a chance. Open your heart. You never know which sorority will impress you.

  • Keep things in perspective. Why do you want to join a sorority? What do you want out of a sorority?

  • Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep. End of story. We all know if we do not get enough sleep, we all become more emotional. A simple situation can be blown out of portion. The days of sorority recruitment are long. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Eat. Sleep. Exercise.

  • Focus on what you are grateful for. You still have options. You have the power to get what you want. Go out and get it!



Let me know if you have any questions about gaining resilience or sorority recruitment. I am here to help you!


Later Babes!



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