I have talked about all the basics of sorority recruitment. You know you have to have REC letters. You have to go into sorority recruitment with an open mind. You have to reach out to girls at your college. You have to pick out your outfits.  Etcetera… etcetera… etcetera. 

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


However, there is one important thing you need to know before sorority recruitment starts.

Do you know what it is?

You have to know your W H Y ... W H Y  are you going through recruitment? 


what's your why


This questions might sound basic and simple.

It's not. It’s the  M O S T  important questions you need to ask yourself. You have to know the answer to this question. 

If you go into sorority recruitment and just plan to wing it and you don’t know your  W H Y , you are going to get lost. You might be thinking okay Sloan, whatever you say. 

Trust me, this question will help you sooooo much though out sorority recruitment.

How do I know?

I am speaking from my experience. I was the girl who just went into sorority recruitment because I was told it would be a good idea. My cousin and my mom convinced me to sing up, and I thought it would be a great way to meet people. I thought I would go through the process, and I would find the right sorority. I mean how hard could sorority recruitment really be. Right? 

You probably can guess what happened. I went into sorority recruitment clueless. I had no expectations. I was just there going through the rounds. I was listening to everyone else. I was  N O T  listening to my heart. I got caught up in trying to fit into a sorority. I was on an emotional rollercoaster.

I got dropped by my number one sorority, and then I realized that I needed to focus on  M E . I needed to focus on what I wanted out of a sorority. I did not need to focus on getting into the “top” sorority. I did not need to listen to what other people were telling me what to do.


i'm doing this for me


After I got dropped, I found my why.

After I got dropped, I really thought about dropping out of sorority recruitment. I mean I was soooooo close to just calling it quits. I knew I needed to give this one sorority one more chance. I knew there was a reason to why it kept appearing on my schedule. I knew there was something special there. 

I sat down at a table outside of UGA’s learning center, and I realized I was going through sorority recruitment for  M E . I didn't need to be in the same sorority as my friends or cousin or aunt. I did not need to impress anyone. I needed to find my home. I thought about what I wanted in my dream sorority. I thought about the people I wanted to surround myself with. I thought about  W H Y  I had really decided to go through with sorority recruitment. 

You might be thinking okay… what was it? What was your W H Y ?

It was simple. It was to surround myself with a group of girls that would empower me through college and to find a place that really felt like home. 


After finding my why.

After I came up with my  W H Y , I walk into the sorority and looked at it through a new pair of glasses. It might sound crazy, but it just felt like home. All the girls I met, I connected with instantly. They seemed to already be like sisters. 

This mindset change is what led me to get a bid to my sorority. It completely changed my experience. 

I look back at the process, and I wish I would have gone into sorority recruitment knowing my  W H Y . I wish I would have listened to my heart from day one. 


i'm doing this for me


You need to figure out your WHY. 

Trust me, your  W H Y  will keep you grounded through sorority recruitment. It will help determine which sorority feels like home. It will help you make connections with the sorority members. It will help you with voting. It will help you find your sisters. 


What’s your why?

Before you go through with sorority recruitment, take a minute and figure out your W H Y . It does not have to be some crazy statement. It could be as simple as my answer.

After you figure out your  W H Y , write it down on your phone. This way you will be able to look back at it as you go through sorority recruitment.

You might even want to read it over before you go into each round. You will be able to remind yourself of what you want out of a sorority and you will be able to prepare questions from your  W H Y .

Your why will help you speak your truth. It will help you make connections. It will help you embrace your inner It Girl. 

Later Babes!





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