It sounds easy to stay positive and keep an open mind during sorority recruitment. Right?

Imagine this. You are waiting outside your first sorority to visit. You are pumping yourself up, and you are getting excited to meet the members. 

Then, you overhear someone gossiping. She says, “I heard this sorority sucks… you definitely don’t want to be in this sorority.” At the next sorority, you overhear, “I heard this sorority makes you do hard drugs at Bid Day.” 

All of this gossip is going to make you stop and think. Immediately, you are going to shut down and think, “OMG! I can’t be in this sorority.” 

B U T .. what if all of this gossip is L I E S . Makes you think.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?



When you are looking for flaws in a sorority, it’s like looking for flaws in a significant other… it gets you nowhere.

It’s the same type of idea for sorority recruitment.  If you believe the gossip, your mind will do anything it can to prove your thoughts. You will start to self-sabotage your experience. 

You will be nitpicking everything. 

You will be convincing yourself it is not going to work. 

You will be answering all the questions with a short response. For example, you will be giving no context or answering everything with an attitude. 

You will definitely not be making connections.

Honestly, you will be working yourself up and wasting your time because you are limiting your chances. 

A N D guess what... the members will think you don’t want to be there. They will cut you. 


They will not keep potential new members who don’t want to join the sorority. This is major. If a sorority sees you having a “too good” attitude, you will be cut. This attitude is very high school. No one cares about social hierarchy anymore. It’s more about who you are as a person.



I cannot stress it enough. You HAVE to make your own opinions about each sorority. You have to give each sorority a chance.

When you show up and give each sorority a chance, you impress the sororities, and you will not write any of the sororities off. You will be on your way to finding your dream sorority. 

So.. how do you not let the gossip affect you?

You have to block it out. You have to let the gossip go in one ear and out the other. Be like Ariana Grande tell yourself, “Thank you, next.”

Here is what you need to do. You have to show up as your best self to each sorority. You need to be excited to be there, you need to make the most out of every conversation, you need to be kind to the members, and you have to make connections. 

Remember this.

At the end of the day, you want to join a sorority that can support your dream college experience. It’s important to remember what is on your list for sorority recruitment. 

Want to know what to put on your list? Click HERE. 

Don’t get caught up in the drama of sorority recruitment. You need to be focused on finding the best sorority for you.

Not the sorority for Sallie Mae, but the sorority for Y O U ! 

Later Babes!


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