Today’s post is going to be a little different. I am going to talk about my experience during sorority recruitment.


a little back story.

My whole life I had NEVER imagined myself joining a sorority.

However, my cousin convinced me that joining a sorority had a lot of benefits. So I was like what the heck, why not!

Worst case scenario, I don’t join a sorority.


Mind you, I had NO clue what even went into joining a sorority.

I didn't know what a REC letter was.

I didn't know what to wear.

I did not know the process.



Let’s get into my experience.

Year: 2013

Locations: University of Georgia

Mind State: Clueless




I woke up and got ready.

I got on a bus.

I lined up outside my first house.

All the girls were gossipping. They were talking about the different reputations of the sorority houses. Some girls were saying not to join this house or that house. Some girls were talking about how they are legacies. Some girls were talking about their number one house.

In my mind, I am screaming sh!t! What is a legacy? What is a pnm? I don’t even know what is going on…

Then the doors open... sorority girls were screaming chants! Smiling from ear to ear!

I felt like I was being thrown into a pack of wolves. I looked like a deer in the headlights.

After I walked out of the house, thoughts were rushing to my head. Sydney White and House Bunny were pretty accurate, and I thought to myself do I really want to join a sorority??? Is sorority life right for me???

So I went to all the houses for Round One and by the end of the day, I found myself connecting with some of the sororities. 


do i want to join



I woke up, got ready, and went to meet with my group.

We got our lists of sororities to visit.

I saw my list.

I was indifferent.

I went into Round Two with an open mind because let’s be honest I still had no clue what was really going on.

Some girls in my group were upset because they got cut from sororities.

By the end of this day, I definitely had certain sororities that I liked more than others.



Again, I woke up, got ready, and went to meet with my group.

We got our lists of sororities to visit. I had a pretty big cut.

My self-esteem was hurt.

My ego was hurt.

I started to question everything. 

  • Am I not pretty enough?

  • Am I not cool enough?

  • Did I not have the right clothes?

  • What is wrong with me?

As Cher would say in Clueless, “I was totally buggin!’”

I was doubting myself for getting rejected.

I texted my mom and said “I don’t know if this whole sorority thing is right for me. I just got cut from some sororities I liked. I only have one sorority left that I  L O V E ….”

She told me to continue on because there was a reason these sororities were asking me back. 

My whole day was thrown off. I just felt defeated. I felt like no one liked me, and I was not meant to be in a sorority. I didn't give it my all. 

During voting, I cried to my recruitment counselor saying I don’t think sorority life is right for me. I explained how I had gotten dropped from some sororities and how it had ruined my day. She told me to trust the process and keep at it. 


am i pretty enough



I woke up so nervous. I was nervous about getting dropped from my #1 sorority. Like full on panic mode. I thought to myself, “if I am dropped from the sorority, I am dropping out of sorority recruitment.”

We got our lists. My heart was beating so fast. I open up the envelope. Guess what… my #1 sorority was not on the list.

I was devastated.

I was so angry.

I was confused.

I was hurt. 

I walked outside and called my mom. I told her I was about to drop out of sorority recruitment. I was sobbing. I could not understand why this sorority that felt so right had dropped me. After a good 10 minutes of crying, she convinced me to give both sororities on my list one more chance. If I did not like them after today, I could drop but I need to give them one more chance. I am so glad I did. 

Pref Day was unlike any other day. It was much more serious. I connected with the sorority members. I could see myself in this sorority. It was  T H E sorority for me. It had everything I wanted in a sorority.

By the end of the day, I realized I would only want to see one sorority on my Bid Day card. I put down the one sorority name rather than listing the two sororities in ranking order. 

*** I do not recommend this decision. However, if you would be disappointed in getting a sorority on Bid Day, it is one option.


Bid Day.

I woke up and looked at my phone.

No phone calls. Then, I realized I got a bid to the sorority.

One of the toughest weeks of my life was over.

I was starting a new chapter in my life. This day forever shaped my college experience.  


Lessons I learned.

  1. Don't get caught up in the moment. Yes getting dropped from certain sororities sucks. Yes, it hurts your self-esteem. However, I guarantee there are other sororities that are the right fit for you. You have to give each round your all. See the good in each sorority member.

  2. Don’t believe the reputations. Every sorority is different. In each sorority, there are girls from all walks of life. Find girls who you would want to spend the next four years with! Find a home!

  3. Positivity is EVERYTHING. A change in my mindset would have changed my experience. I should have looked at the good rather than consume the bad. This idea is key! Remember joining a sorority is not the only way to make friends in college. There are so many different outlets to make friends and live out the college experience that you dreamed!

  4. Be yourself. Don’t try to change your image to fit into a sorority. Be you. Embrace your truth. You will find your people.

  5. Be prepared. If I had asked around, I would have had a completely different experience. I would have realized how hard sorority recruitment is. This is why I am writing this blog. I want to help you. I want you to be prepared. I want to give you all the elements to find your dream sorority!


be you


Please note this is my sorority experience. Not all experiences are like this.

I loved the sorority I joined. I made some great friendships, and it shaped my college experience. In the end, I am glad I went through sorority recruitment. 


Later Babes!



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