Every year I see the same thing happen. Girls walk into sorority recruitment confident and with high expectations. They expect it to be a breeze, and it is for some. However when they get dropped or times get tough, their mindsets change. They start to focus on the little things. They change who they are. They try and fit an “image”.

However, it’s important to remember who you are throughout sorority recruitment. It’s how you stand out from all the other girls. It’s how you find your people. It’s how you embrace your inner It Girl.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Okay, let’s really dive deep into this topic.

Imagine this: You wake up before the sun. 

You get picture perfect ready. 

You walk into sorority recruitment confident in who you are. 

You wait outside your first sorority a little nervous, but you are excited. 

You make small talk with a girl you have never met before, and you are connecting. You have so much in common. It’s scary. You feel like you just met your twin. 

Then the next day, you do it all over again.

You go back to the same sorority the next day.

You fall more in love.

You think you found the one.

The next day, you wake up and look at your list of sororities you have left…. your #1 sorority is missing. 

Thoughts rush to your head, “What happened. There must be some kind of mistake. How did I get dropped? What am I not good enough? Do I not fit in? I thought we made a real connection. I thought we were basically best friends…” 

Now you are left with two choices. 

Option 1:

You let this event control your day. 

You let it control your emotions. You feel so wronged. 

You try extra hard not to be dropped from any more sororities.  You try and fit an “image” you think the sororities have. 

What’s this going to do? 

N O T H I N G . 

You are going to be stressing yourself out about not getting dropped. 

You are going to be concerned with everything you are saying and doing. 

You are going to come off as robotic. 

The sororities want to meet the real version of you

Option 2:

You say f*ck it, and you remember who you are. 

You remember why you are going through sorority recruitment. 

You know you are an amazing person.

You know you W I L L find your dream sorority. 

You go out to your remaining sororities and make genuine connections. How could the sororities not love you?!?

A N D guess what? You find a sorority that feels like home. You find people you connect with. You find your soul sisters. 

This change in mindset is a GAME CHANGER. 

It really is!

You cannot let the thought of getting drop control your mind.

You cannot let getting dropped stop you from finding your perfect sorority.

You cannot get caught up in the gossip and the rumors. Sally Mae might be a great member for one sorority, but it does not mean you have to be in the same sorority. You are different people. 

If you get dropped by your #1 sorority, you have to move on. I know, I know it sounds easy. You are probably thinking, “Who cares if one sorority drops you! You have so many options.” However when you are in the moment, it hurts to get dropped. It can be really hard to just forget about them. It’s like finding a boy you really liked, and then you never hear from him again. 

You have to give every sorority a chance. You have to focus in on the connections you are making with the sororities. You need to find the people: 

  • who are your soul sisters

  • that just get you 

  • you can be your fun, crazy self with. 

You have to be you. 

It may take time to find these connections. Some girls find these connections instantly, but some girls don’t. You have to be patient. You might visit a sorority 2 or 3 times before you find your people. 

I did not find my home until Pref Round…. Yep, the last house I went to for sorority recruitment ended up being my home. Crazy right! Up until then, I was like, “I like this sorority, but I  L O V E  another sorority.” Then I met Anna, we just clicked. The conversation was easy. I could be myself around her. It was like she just got me. Read about my sorority recruitment experience HERE. 

she remembered who she was

Like I said above this mindset change is a game changer, but you know what would be even better… if you walked in with this attitude. If you walk into sorority recruitment knowing who you are and what you want, the sororities are going to immediately notice you. You are going to stand out. You are going to be the girl who is so excited to be there and is excited about her future. You are going to be embracing your inner It Girl. 

Here are some babe tips on how to have this mindset from the start.

Babe Tip #1: Remember what you want out of a sorority.

What do you want out of a sorority?

You need to know the answer to this question B E F O R E you go into sorority recruitment. It could be anything.

This answer will help keep you grounded.

You will have an end goal… to find your home, not to find the sorority with the best reputation.

You will know the questions to ask to find your dream sorority.

It will help you to realize which sororities you need to keep and which sororities you need to drop.

If you are really bonding with one sorority, it means the sorority gets you. It means this sorority could be your forever home.

I wrote a whole blog post about this topic. Click HERE to read more.

Babe Tip #2: Remember what lights you up.

What are you interested in?

This question will help guide you to the type of people you will want in your dream sorority.

A sorority is not all about wearing a t-shirt with the name of the sorority on it.

A sorority is about making memories with some of your best friends. It’s about finding your people.

You are looking for girls who could be your best friends.

How did you meet your current best friends? You probably played the same sport or had something in common. Right?

The same idea is true for sorority recruitment. You have to make actual connections with the girls you are meeting. If you are invited back to the sorority, it means the sorority likes you. It means the sorority sees potential in you being a member. Look at the actual people who are members of the sorority.

Are you able to connect with them? Are they potential friends? Are they people who can support you and help you grow?

If the answer is yes, you should be screaming from the rooftops. You found your people!

sorority t-shirt

Babe Tip #3. Remember who you are

Where are you from?

What drives you?

What do you want to get out of college?

What are the top three qualities people use to describe you?

All of these questions will help you to remember who you are. Rather than trying to fit an image, you will be showing the sororities how amazing you are. You will be sharing your life with the sorority. You will be your truest self. How could the sorority not love you after meeting you!

The sororities want to really get to know you. If you are closed off and jaded, they might drop you. Not because they don’t like you. Your attitude might come off like you don’t want to be there. The sorority members are not going to keep around girls who do not want to be in the sorority.

You have to be open to all opportunities. You have to be excited to be there. You have to show off your personality.

Later Babes!





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