Should you become friends with the other girls during sorority recruitment?

There are two ways to look at the other girls.

  1. The Enemy

  2. Friends

Do you know which way will help you succeed?

Looking at everyone as a friend.

By alienating yourself, you are only hurting yourself. You will be stuck in your thoughts. You will be over analyzing everything. You might even think another girl “stole” your spot.

Spoiler. She didn’t she just made better connections with the members.

So…why does having friends benefit you during sorority recruitment?

You will get a new perspective, A N D .. it’s a lot more fun!

Here’s the deal, I am going to breakdown the benefits of becoming friends with pnms (potential new members) and recruitment counselors and even sorority members.

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Benefits of becoming friends with the other pnms.

The other pnms are experiencing the same things you are. They are facing rejection and trying to find the perfect sorority.

How can their friendship benefit you?

They will help you throughout the process.

They will help you choose the perfect outfit. They will have earrings for you to borrow.

They will support you.

However, don’t gossip with them. Instead, use this friendship to take your mind off of sorority recruitment. Have fun.

Here’s a bonus babe tip. You will be waiting outside of the sororities a lot. If you are having fun before you walk into the sorority, you will have better conversations.


It’s simple. You are in a good mood and having fun. You are not stressing about sorority recruitment.

supporting another's success won't ever dampen yours

Benefits of becoming friends with the recruitment counselors.

Your recruitment counselors are there to help you. That’s their job.

They are basically your big sister for the recruitment process.

What’s a recruitment counselor?

The recruitment counselors are all in sororities, but they have disaffiliated for recruitment. AKA they cannot talk to their sorority sister and will not tell you what sorority they are in.

Want to learn more about recruitment counselors? Click HERE.

How can their friendship benefit you?

When you form a relationship with your recruitment counselor, you will have better recruitment experience.


They get what you are going through. They went through sorority recruitment too.

Don’t be afraid to ask them questions. They will answer everything.

They will give you amazing advice. They want to help you. They want you to find your home!
If you are frustrated and upset, talk to them. They are a shoulder to cry on and can help you see a different way.

Benefits of becoming friends with the sorority members.

Becoming friends with the sorority members is a little harder.


There are two things.

  1. You never know where you stand.

    Do they really like you or are they just being nice?

  2. The conversations are short.

Here’s how you can do it though.

Talk about the things that are important to you.

Act like you are talking to your BFF. You will make more connections because you are taking the pressure off yourself. ( Don’t forget connections are how you get a bid to your dream sorority! )

Then when you walk away, ask yourself if you could see yourself being friends with the girls you met. If you can, amazing. You are on the way to finding your dream sorority.

What’s the benefit of trying to become friends with the sorority members?

Sororities are built on friendships. You don’t want to join a sorority because of status.

You need to find a sorority that has potential friends.

All friendships start with a simple connection. When members find a connection with the pnm, they really start to see them as a potential member. They tell their sisters about her, and they want to see her running home on Bid Day.

act like you are talking to your bff

Moral of the story.

Become friends with the girls in your recruitment group and on your hall and in line.

Friends make sorority so much easier. They will support you. They will understand your frustrations. They will cheer for you when you find your dream sorority.

Having a couple of friends will make your sorority recruitment experience so much better.

Don’t forget, it’s okay to root for the other girls. Everyone will find their home!

Later Babes!




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