Babe Diaries is a blog series on Getting the Bid. It will be a series of interviews. I will sit down with sorority members from all over the country and ask them the questions you want to know. The goal is to capture the diversity that lies within every sorority chapter. Throughout the process the babes will spill all the secrets about sorority recruitment! The first babe is Brooke!


Where do you go to school, what is your major, and what year are you?  

I go to ASU (Arizona State University). I am majoring in Speech and Hearing Science, and I’m a third year.


What sorority are you in?  

Chi Omega


Where are you originally from?  




Why did you rush? 

I was involved in high school, and I wanted to transfer the same involvement to college. Also since I am out of state, I thought it would be a good way to make friends at a big university.


Best babe trick for sorority recruitment?  

Pack bandaids, a hairbrush, a drink, face powder, lip gloss, mints, and snacks. Also, wake up with enough time in the morning to ensure you will not feel rushed and stressed. You need to be as calm and confident going into recruitment. Remember the sorority members are excited and anxious to get to know you. Take a deep breath and be yourself! 


What do you wish you knew before going through sorority recruitment?  

I wish I knew the type of question the girls were going to ask. Many times, I felt on the spot. 



What do you find to be the most common questions asked during recruitment?  

It really depends on the round. Some questions are:

  • What community service did you do in high school/ college?

  • What were you involved in during high school/ college?

  • What do you want to get involved in during college?


What is the worst advice you received during recruitment? 

I remember my Rho Gamma telling me "sororities don't evaluate you on your looks and popularity."

This statement is sadly not always true. Recruitment is tough! You will get dropped from houses. That sucks! You have to go into recruitment with a checklist of qualities you want out of a sorority. This checklist will guide you to the sorority of your dreams!

*** During recruitment, you are assigned a Rho Gamma (other universities might call it something different). Rho Gammas are girls that have disaffiliated from their sorority to help you through recruitment. Think similar to a camp counselor!


What do you wish you did different during recruitment?  

I wish that I would have been more confident in myself. Also, I wish I would have not been as intimidated as I was.



What do girls wear?

Round One: Typically girls wear shorts, casual top, sandals, casual dress, or romper. Think you are going out to brunch with your friends. NO FLIP FLOPS!

Round Two: Brunch wear but more dressy than round one. So if you wore shorts for round one, wear a dress for this round. Shoes: cute sandal, wedge, or casual heel. 

Round Three: Casual wedding but more dressy than round two. Shoes: heels or wedges.

Pref: Semi-formal dress not too tight! Heels are a must! NO WEDGES! 

Bid Day: Shorts and you will get a shirt to wear. 

*** This is specific to ASU.


What is being in a sorority really like?  

A sorority is being surrounded by girls who are successful and push each other to accomplish goals and try new things. It’s being surrounded by your best friends and making an endless amount of memories with one another!


How has being in a sorority changed your college life?  

It gives you the opportunity to get advice from older girls in your same major. Girls in my sorority are always posting about open jobs or internship opportunities. We also do an alumni event where Alumni and current members join us at a small convention and talk to us about their jobs/ job opportunities. Sororities have a HUGE impact on future jobs.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 7.08.47 PM.jpg


What do you look for when recruiting a potential new member?  

A girl that is easy to talk to, so I can connect with her in some way. I look for a girl that is excited about recruitment and is looking to get involved. I also look for someone who is passionate about something (whether it be a sport, activity, school, giving back, their friends, etc.)



Do not get your hopes up; don’t be blind to actual connections. The process is going to be hard, but don’t give up on it! Get past the glam, look at the girls and ask yourself if you could see yourself in this sorority. At the end of recruitment, you want to be with girls who are actually your friend. You don’t want to have to pretend to fit an image.


Why did you join your sorority?  

I joined for a person who ended up being my big!! During one of the rounds of sorority recruitment, she told me a story. She was interning in Denver and her sorority sisters drove up one weekend to see her. It showed me the girls in this sorority had real connections. I wanted to be apart of that!





Later Babes!


Want to stress less during sorority recruitment?


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