Am I smart enough?

Am I pretty enough?

Am I skinny enough?

Am I wearing the “right” type of clothes?

Do I have enough followers on Instagram?

Stop. With. The. Limiting. Beliefs.

You are enough!

Sorority recruitment can turn into a game of comparison. You might be comparing yourself to the other potential new members or to the sorority members.

B U T .. you can’t do it. I mean you really can’t.

When you are comparing yourself to others, you will only be focusing on superficial things. That’s not what sorority recruitment is all about. It’s about finding  Y O U R people.

How do you find your people?

Well, you have to get rid of your limiting beliefs. You have to realize your potential. You have to focus on the good.

This blog post is going to help you do just that!

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Now, Let’s get into the 7 babe tips on how to get Rid of a comparison mindset and focus on the important things.

Babe Tip #1. Concentrate on your list.

With a comparison mindset, you are focusing on everyone but yourself. You are judging others and thinking about how girls are judging you.

What good is this doing?

Let me tell you... N O G O O D ! It’s only hurting you.

So what should you do?

You need to focus on your list and your goals.

I’m going to breakdown how to do this in two easy steps.

Step #1. Think about your list. Remind yourself of this list before you walk into a sorority.

Don’t know what your list is?

Here’s a brief overview. It’s composed of the three most important qualities you are looking for in a sorority. Some examples are sisterhood, forever friends, active members, lots of activities, bible study, or strong academics. Read more about creating your list HERE.

Step #2. Set an intention. This intention will hold you accountable  A N D set you up for success.

For instance, maybe you are shy. Set the intention of being open and sharing your story.

Maybe you are looking for a strong sisterhood. Set the intention of finding your new BFFs.

Maybe you are looking for girls who are active in the community. Set the intention of finding active sisters. (Ask about what clubs they are apart of or what activities they do outside of the sorority. )

It could be anything.

Focus on you

Babe Tip #2. Make friends.

Become friends with the other potential new members. Talk to the girls you are sitting next to on the bus or talk to the girls standing in line with you or talk to the girls in your recruitment group.

When you know these girls’ stories, you are able to see them for who they are. You won’t make assumptions about them. (AKA you will not be sizing yourself up against them)

These girls will stick by your side throughout recruitment. They will be rooting for you.

Why is it important to root for each other?

It all comes down to a gratitude mindset.

When you are grateful, you have a positive mindset. You look at every opportunity as a chance to find your home. You will not get stuck nor will you feel defeated.

You will be focused on finding the best sorority for you.

I know this may seem hard after getting dropped from your #1 sorority. However, you have to understand you will find your home. The other sororities invited you back for a reason. Give them another chance. Be open to all connections.

You also need to become friends with the sorority members or at least see if they are potential friend material.

Once you make real connections with the sorority member, you will see them for who they are. All the sororities are more than the rumors going around campus.

How do you see if they are potential friend material?

Talk about the things that are important to you.

See if you are comfortable around them and see if you can be yourself.

Babe Tip #3. Gossip is the downfall of sorority recruitment.

It’s important to support each other and not to use each other to gossip. Gossip can be the downfall of your sorority recruitment experience.


Two reasons.

  1. You comparing yourself to the sororities. You might think you are better than some or not good enough for others. Instead of comparing yourself, focus in on finding the right sorority.

  2. Gossip is negative energy. Let’s get real, energy is contagious.

What do I mean by energy is contagious?

Let’s say are listening to one girl talk about a sorority. She is saying this sorority sucks and no one wants to be in it. Blah, blah, blah.

Now when you go and meet the sorority, you will be carrying that same energy. You will be in a bad mood. You will be closed off to connections. You will be acting like you are too good for the sorority.

It’s not a cute look. What if those girls are your sisters???

You can’t listen to the gossip. You have to make your own opinions!

Don't compare yourself find your home

Babe Tip #4. Stay positive.

We really need to talk about your mood. You have to stay positive. You may be cut from your #1 sorority or you might just feel like you are not making connections.

B U T , you cannot stop. You have to stay positive.

How do you stay positive?

Your mood starts with you! You are completely in control of your mood.

You have to look past being tired or hungry. You have to look past your feet hurting. You have to look past what other girls are saying.

I am not going to lie. It’s going to be hard to not hear all the gossip, but you cannot let it be a factor in your conversations. Sorority recruitment is about finding  Y O U R home. One sorority might be right for you and not for another girl!

Babe Tip #5. Know that no one has a leg up.

Maybe you are thinking, “I can’t be a Delta Nu because I don’t know anyone in the sorority.” Yes Sally Mae’s older sister may be in the sorority,  B U T there is more than one spot available. You can still join the sorority too!

Maybe you are thinking, “Samantha has perfect skin and hair. How can I compete with her?” Good for Samantha, but who cares. You have to focus on you. The sororities will meet Samantha and vote on her, A N D they will meet you and vote on you. You both have to make connections. These connections you make will have a much bigger impact than Samantha’s hair.

Stop thinking about what you can’t do and start thinking about all the amazing things you can do. Like, finding  Y O U R people. You can do that!

Finding your perfect sorority all comes down to making connections. Guess what… everyone can make connections.

How do you find your perfect sorority?

Talk about the things that are important to you.

Have genuine reactions.

Then when you go vote, vote on the people you met not on the reputations you heard about. You have to vote on the sororities in an honest way. Don’t only pick the “best” sororities to keep just because they are the “best”.

Babe Tip #6. Be okay with being you.

As girls, we tend to tear ourselves apart. We are our worst critics. We pick out our flaws before our strengths.

You can’t focus on your flaws during sorority recruitment. You have to show up confident and ready to find your home.

I mean lets’ be honest, you are amazing! Like really, really amazing. You have accomplished incredible things. It’s time to share your story. The sorority members want to meet the real you!

Before we move on to babe tip #7, we need to dive a little deeper into this negative (only focusing on your flaws) mindset.

You are creating your own judgment. When you think someone is judging you, most of the times it has to do with something you are insecure about.

Maybe you think you can’t be a Delta Nu because you are not “pretty” enough.

With this mindset, you will go into Delta Nu with your guard up. You think you are protecting yourself from getting hurt. Really, you are just closing yourself off to connections. Maybe Delta Nu has everything on your list, and it’s actually the perfect sorority for you.

You need to give every sorority your all. Every sorority gives all the potential new members a chance. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do with this chance.

You have to be confident in who you are. Don’t pass up on making connections. You never know which sorority is the right fit for you!

just be yourself

Babe Tip #7. Let go of your Ego.

You have to let go of your ego. Let go of trying to only get in the “best” sororities on campus. It’s not a competition to see which girls get into it.  

This mindset of having to be in the “best” sorority comes from insecurities. A N D ... it’s so high school.

I am going to let you in on a secret  N O O N E cares what sorority you are in. All that matters is you are happy. You don’t want to be the girl in twenty years saying she was a Delta Nu. You want to be the girl who is sharing all your memories and going on beach trips with your BFFs.

Moral of the story. Accept your flaws. Know your strengths, and just be you! By being you, you will find your dream sorority.

Later Babes!





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