Sorority recruitment is right around the corner. You should be excited. You should be embracing your inner It Girl.

However, sorority recruitment can be like the Sunday Scaries. One minute you are feeling on top of the world. Then before you know it, you are getting into the what if stage...

What if I get dropped from my #1 sorority?

What if I get dropped from all the sororities?

What if I don’t find the right sorority?

What if I join a sorority and I don’t like it?

What if I don’t make any connections?

What if, what if, what if…




The what if’s are holding you back.

They are allowing you to be standoffish.

They are allowing you to be cold.

They are allowing you to be judgmental.


They are  N O T  allowing you to share your truth.

They are  N O T  allowing you to find connections.

They are  N O T  letting your personality shine.

They are  N O T  letting you be you.

You have to embrace  W H A T   I S  going on. 

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


embrace the what is.

You cannot let the future dictate the present moment.



You are in control of the present moment. You have to look at what is actually going on. If you are giving it your all, you don’t need to worry about the future.


So how can you be present?

It’s simple. Be there for every conversation. Like actually there. 

Don’t worry about what the sorority is thinking about your clothes.

Don’t worry about how the conversation is going.

Don’t worry if you are making a connection.

Just be there. Be confident. Know what you want. Act like you are talking to your best friends. Ask questions about the things you want to know. If have something in common,  G R E A T . Talk about it.


For example, let’s say you are both nannies.

Here is how a conversation might go:

Sorority Member: How was your summer?

You: It’s was great! I went to Florida for a week with my best friends. Then, for the rest of my summer I was a nanny.

Sorority Member: I was a nanny too!

You: No way, that’s awesome. OMG  so the kids I watched were little psychos….. they would completely destroy the house. How were your kids? Psychos?  OR  share a funny story about your job.

Sorority Member: Don't even get me started....

Then, you guys go on to laugh and relate on another level. Basically, you guys are soul sisters.




Here is the key to having a good conversation. 

  1. Connecting on a topic (hometowns, shopping, food, clubs/ sports, ….the list goes on, it could be literally anything).

  2. Let them talk about their experiences. So ask questions. Allow them to tell a story. --- All the sorority girl  L O V E  to share their experiences with you!


Yes, it really is that simple. Have fun with your conversations. However, not every conversation you have is going to be perfect. Sometimes you just click. You know?

I am not here saying that sorority recruitment is the best experience of your life. 

It’s hard,  B U T  it’s worth it!



"what if i get dropped?"

If you get dropped. That sucks. Give yourself a minute to feel sad. You can even take a minute to cry. I did. There is no shame in feeling sad and disappointed.

However, you  H A V E  to move on.

No one likes to be told you don’t fit in.  B U T  guess what…. sorority recruitment is all a numbers game. Just because you get dropped does not mean the sorority did not like you. It just means you did not get a high enough score to make it to the next round.


When you realize that sorority recruitment is all a numbers game, you will not let sorority recruitment intimidate you. It shouldn't intimidate you.

Go into the process with the purpose of finding your new friends. Be open minded and give every sorority a chance. See each sorority for what it has to offer. Don't base the sororities off of their reputations, but rather on how you fit in with the sorority.

You should ask yourself after each party, “could I see myself hanging out with these girls?” or “am I able to connect with these girls?”

You have to see if you are able to bond with the members.

I mean the whole point of sorority recruitment is to find a group of girls who can support you. You want to find the girls that you want to spend time with. You want to find the girls who will be some of your best friends.

When you graduate, what sorority you were in does  N O T  matter. You know what matters... the friendships you made, the support you had, and the memories you made.


Worry about what is important


Just because you are in the “top” ranked sorority does not mean you will be living your best life. Yes every sorority has it drama, but are the girls actually friends or are they putting on a front? Do these girls actually hang out with one another? Are these girls able to share experiences about their sisterhood?


Let’s really take a second to what being “top” ranked is. It’s a social construction of which sorority you  H A V E  to join. But guess what... there are only so many new member spots for that sorority. Every sorority can only take so many girls. 


So why are you stressing about being in the "top" sorority?

Do you want to have date nights? Guess what... all sororities have date nights! (unless they are on probation with the university) 

Do you want to have sisterhood gatherings? Every sorority has ways to meet all of the girls in the sorority!

Do you want to hang out with fraternities? Every girl has opportunities to hang out with fraternities!


What I am really trying to get at is  A L L  sororities do basically the same thing...

At the end of the day, choose the sorority you feel most at home with. Choose the girls you could see being your best friends.

If that is a “top” ranked sorority, awesome!

If it is not, awesome! 

Choose your home, not the place everyone is telling you to join. 



How to go into recruitment. 

Be confident in who you are. You are amazing, and we all know it.

You have a unique story to share with everyone, so share it. Read all about how to stand out HERE.

Embrace your inner It girl. 

Be present in every conversation. 

Let each sorority show you what it has to offer. 

Show off your personality. 

Just be  Y O U. 

And don't forget to look at  W H A T   I S  going on. 

  • Do you have an amazing connection with one sorority or multiple sororities?

  • Are you able to see yourself in the sorority?

  • Have you found your soul sisters?


look at what actually is going on


Moral of the story.

Stop with the what ifs. Get them out of your head! They are holding you back. They are not letting you thrive.

Be in the moment. See if you are able to connect with the sorority members. Be confident in who you are. Know what you want out of a sorority. Does your ideal college experience align with what the sorority has to offer?

You will find the perfect sorority for you.

Don’t worry about the reputation because I will let you in on a little secret college is what you make it! You have complete control over your college experience. Guess what…  your sorority will not hold you back.

Later Babes!





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