We all walk into sorority recruitment expecting it to be just like the movies. You know just like Legally Blonde. We put on an image we have created in our minds. We dress how we think the sororities would dress. We talk about how we think the sororities would talk. We just try and be them. 

However if you are not showing off who you actually are, you are going to get lost. You are going to come off as cold.


Because you are putting on a mask. You are acting a certain way to impress them. You are going to convince yourself the sororities are looking for one type of girl. You are going to be blind to connections.

What if I told you… every sorority is made up of girls who are from all walks of life.

It’s true. Sororities have girls from all over the country.

They have members with all kinds of majors… business, engineering, teaching, computer science, biology, the list goes on.

They have members who are involved in different things… dance marathon, student government, volunteer work, internships, everything. 

A N D … every sorority W A N T S a diverse group of girls. They want girls who are going to add something to their sorority. They don’t want a group of girls who just sit around and do nothing. 

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


The number one key to finding your dream sorority is you H A V E to be unapologetically you. Not Sally Mae. Not your older sister. You have to be you!

It’s how you find your home.

It’s how you find your soul sisters.

It’s how you embrace your inner It Girl. 

you have to be unapologetically you

Being yourself.

By being yourself, you will attract the sorority that is right for you. It’s basically like saying, “This is me. Take it or leave it.”

Dress how you want. If you don’t love pink, don’t wear it! If you dress boho, dress boho during recruitment. If you are preppy, dress preppy during recruitment.

Do your hair how you want. If you don’t know how to curl your hair, wear it straight or wear it up. 

Talk about things you are interested in. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a conversation in sorority recruitment, and the PNM (potential new members) is acting as they care about a certain topic. The sorority members can tell you either don’t know anything about the topic or you are just acting like you are interested. More importantly, you are not making genuine connections. The sorority members want to really get to know you. They want to know what you are interested in. They want to know you are the right pick. 

talk about what interest you

When you are showing off who you really are, you are going to be the most comfortable. You are just being you.  You are going to know which sorority to pick. You are going to find your people. 


Because you are being you, and you are attracting your people.  

It sounds simple, right? I mean how else would you go through sorority recruitment….. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Then, all of a sudden you fall in love with a sorority, and you find yourself changing. You know you don’t talk like that. You know you are not interested in that show of Netflix. Sorority recruitment is turning into some kind of game. It’s like you are acting out the new chapter of your life rather than living in it. 

So, how do you stay true to yourself throughout sorority recruitment?

Here is my number one babe tip:

You act like you are talking to your best friend. I know, I probably sound crazy, but this tip is a game changer. Trust me. It will change how you approach sorority recruitment. 

You are most comfortable around your best friends. You probably tell them everything, and you are able to be yourself. You don’t feel judged or feel like you have to act a certain way. 

If you act like you are talking to your best friends every time you meet a sorority member. You are going to feel at ease. You are going to be open. You are going to make connections with the sorority members. 

Then, you will be able to make the final decision. The sorority members will know who you are and how amazing you are. They will be so excited to have you as a member. 

Act like you are talking to your bff

Moral of the Story. 

Just be you.

Don’t worry about what Sally Mae thinks of you or what you need to do to get into a sorority. Go into sorority recruitment knowing how amazing you are. Let’s get real for a second, you are amazing!

Walk into sorority recruitment with an open heart. The sorority members will see how genuine you are. You will make genuine connections. You will show the sororities who you really are and all you have to offer. Sororities will be dying to have as one of their members. 

Later Babes!





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