One thing all girls stress out about is….. clothes.

We all are constantly texting our friends and moms “what should I wear” or “what are you wearing”.

We put so much pressure on our looks. It probably because when we look good, we feel good.

I have created four different outfit guides to help you look your best.

Outfit Guide #1

Outfit Guide #2

Outfit Guide #3

Outfit Guide #4

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


You know what else is stressful…..  P A C K I N G.

Packing for sorority recruitment is different than packing your whole life up, but it still requires a lot of attention. So you might be thinking:

  1. How do you pack for sorority recruitment?

  2. What do I need to pack for sorority recruitment?


I am here to breakdown the tips and tricks for packing for sorority recruitment. These tricks will help you look your best, be confident, and embrace your inner It Girl!


babe TIP #1.

Make a checklist.

You need to write down everything you need for sorority recruitment.

I mean  E V E R Y T H I N G . Get to the nitty gritty. Break it down day by day. If your Round One is two days, you will need two dresses.


Do you really want to wear a dress you wore all day to another day of parties… probably not. Plus, let’s say you had an okay day. Putting on a new dress can totally change the way you feel!

I have created a guide just for you. All you have to do is fill in what you need! It's so simple. Get specific. Really break it down.

For hair, include what you need not the how you are going to do your hair. 





Make sure you include at least one extra dress per round (see babe tip #4).



If you want a PDF version of this guide, email me at .


babe TIP #2.

Pick out your outfits ahead of time and make sure they are recruitment ready.

Make sure all dresses, shorts, whatever else is clean. You don’t want to be doing laundry at midnight in the dorms.

Make sure your shoes don’t have scuff marks all over them.

Make sure your shoes are broken in. Nothing is worse than getting blisters on the first day of recruitment. 

Make sure to pack both of your earrings… not just one.

Make sure you pair the right type of bra for each dress.

Make sure you pack all the makeup you need.

Make sure you pack everything you need for your hair. Hairspray. Curling irons. Straightener. Hair dryer. Brush or comb. Hair ties. Dry shampoo. And whatever else you may need. 

Make sure you pack the purse or purses you will use.

Make sure you pack your emergency kit. Read all about the essentials you need to have for recruitment HERE.


If you want to take an extra step, you could even take photos of your outfits. 



Babe TIP #3.

Pack your sorority recruitment clothes in a different bag than all the rest of your clothes.

This separate packing will eliminate a lot of frustration. You won’t be trying to find all the clothes you picked out the day before sorority recruitment. That really would suck… you just moved in, and now you have to tear apart your small dorm looking for that one dress.

Where could it be? At home? In the car? Lost?

This situation is why I always recommend you pack all sorority things separately! It literally will be a lifesaver.


Another babe trick is to try and hang all of these clothes in garment bags.

However when I was 18, I did not have a bunch of garment laying around. I used trash bags. Yep. You heard me right trash bags.

Now, I didn't just throw all my dresses in the trash bags. I saw this tip on Pinterest and it a super easy hack. Like soooo easy and cheap.

Here's the breakdown. You hang up your clothes on hangers. Then, you open the trash bag up and gently put your clothes in the bag. You tie the trash bag strings around the hangers. Now, you can hang the clothes in your car or gently put them in a suitcase. HERE is a link to read more. Just an FYI it's hack #6 in the article.  


Jewelry is another story. It just gets tangled in a bag. I would recommend using a jewelry holder. Like these. You can easily transport all your jewelry safely to your dorm! Amazon has so many different types of jewelry holders. 


Only $9.99

Only $9.99

Only $19.99

Only $19.99

Only $12.99

Only $12.99



babe TIP #4.

Pack a few extra dresses.

For me, I feel like I am limiting myself when I only pack the necessities. It's probably because I always change my mind on what I am going to wear. You know, you pick out the “perfect” dress then the day comes and it just “does not feel right”…. 

Plus, you never know… your zipper on the dress could break or you spill your coffee on the dress or you get makeup on your dress or another disaster. Plan for something to go wrong.

A couple of extra dresses will help you out in the long run.



Babe TIP #5.

Pack a steamer. You will need this! Like really, really need this.

When you look at your best, you feel your best. You don’t want to show up to recruitment with wrinkles in your clothes or be rushing around in the morning trying to steam your clothes. Less stress equals more time to get in your It Girl mode!


Steamers are rather cheap. A lot of the steamers on Amazon are around $20. I have included a couple of examples of a steamer to make it easier for you!

Plus, you will use a steamer for all occasions. Job interview. Business casual chapters. Trust me. It will definitely come in handy!!

Babe Trick: Make sure to steam your clothes the night before and make sure you steam it on a hanger. Then, leave the dress on the hanger overnight.


Only $24.99

Only $24.99

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Only $21.99

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Only $19.99

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Later Babes!



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