Picture this. You go to Round One of Delta Nu, and you automatically connect with one member. It’s basically like you are soul sisters.

The whole day you cannot get Delta Nu out of your head. It’s definitely your #1 sorority.

The next day you are so excited to go back to Delta Nu! However, you don’t connect with the members. They are not like the first girl you met. You start to doubt yourself. You think, “Is Delta Nu the right sorority for me? Should I drop them?”

This situation is really hard. You connect with some of the sorority sisters, but you don’t connect with all of them.

Guess what… this is normal.

During sorority recruitment, you are going to meet a ton of girls. You won’t connect with everyone. That’s okay. It’s part of the process.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Don’t worry. I’m going to help you figure out which connections are worth it and which connections you should take a second look at.

Babe Tip #1. Every round you need to have an open mindset.

Nowadays, sororities are very diverse. There are girls from all walks of life. Each member has different experiences. Each member comes from a different background.

These traits are what makes each sorority so special.

So during recruitment… you never know what type of girl you are going to meet.

That’s why you need to go into every round with an open mindset.

This mindset will help you not be judgmental. You will be open to connections. You will be able to see which sororities stand out.

If you are forcing a connection with a sorority, it might not be the right sorority for you.

You should feel comfortable to be yourself in the sorority. You should be able to see friendships in the sorority.

You also need to be open to the sorority you tried to drop, but you got invited back to.

Maybe, the conversations were a little awkward the first day. Maybe you couldn’t see yourself in the sorority. It happens.

B U T …you have to remember they invited you back for a reason.


They saw potential in you.

If you are judging the sorority from the previous round, you are going to be closed off to connections. You are writing a burn book for sorority recruitment.

You never know... maybe you will meet your soul sister. Maybe you didn’t connect on the first day, but it’s actually your dream sorority.

have an open mind

Babe Tip #2. Don’t second guess the connections you already made.

If you made real connections with a sorority,  D O N ’ T second guess it.

These are genuine connections.

Here’s the deal. If you connect with one sorority member, you will connect with more members. She has a group of friends in the sorority, and you will get along with them too.

Babe Tip #3. Go with your gut.

When you are voting on the sororities, you need to trust your gut.

If you cannot get one sorority out of your head, it’s for a reason.

Keep the sororities you see potential with.

The connections you are making will lead you to your dream sorority.

Babe Tip #4. Remember what is on your list.

This tip is a big one. You have to remember what’s on your list.

What’s your list?

It’s the top three qualities you want in a sorority.

These qualities will help you make connections with the members,  A N D help you with voting.


You will be able to ask questions about your qualities.

For example, let’s say one of your qualities is sisterhood. Then, you could ask if the sorority holds any sisterhood events or what’s it like having a Big?

The sorority member will share a personal story with you. She will be vulnerable with you. Guess what.. you guys will form a connection.

Don’t forget connections are how you find your dream sorority!

your list will lead to connections

Moral of the story.

Don’t vote a sorority off just because you didn’t connect with one member.

You need to look at the bigger picture. Could you see yourself in the sorority? Are you connecting with other members? If the answer is Y E S , keep the sorority! If the answer is no, think about dropping them.

Later Babes!





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