Are you wondering what it is like being in a sorority?

Is it like a cult?

Am I paying for my friends?

Are there any benefits other than going to parties?


I am here to breakdown what being in a sorority is really like. An unfiltered version. I am going to share everything you need to know.  E V E R Y T H I N G. 

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?



Okay let’s start at the beginning.

You go through sorority recruitment.

It’s hard.

I cannot sugar coat the process.

It’s hard emotionally.

It’s hard physically.

It just hard.


However,  Y O U   G O T   A   B I D .  O H   M Y   G O D ! How exciting!


you got a bid. Now what?


Now you are off to the races. You are about to meet soooo many sisters. Literally, so many. It will be hard to remember who is who!


After you get your bid, you will go to Bid Day. Bid Day is different at all colleges. Sometimes you go off campus. Sometimes you stay at your house. It really all depends. It’s a magical night for all sorority girls!

You think I am joking? I am serious…. just wait and see!


After Bid Day. 

After Bid Day, you are labeled as a new member in the sorority. You will be assigned to sorority members to make the process easier. Plus, these girls are seeing if you are Little potential… and you are seeing if they are potential Big material.


The next couple of weeks are fun. You will be hanging out with your pledge class. You will be meeting your sisters. You will get a Big. You might even get initiated into the sorority.

Just an FYI: When you get initiated, you become a full member in the sorority. Your initiation date depends on the bylaws of the sorority. Some sororities initiate their members faster than other. Don’t worry about this process. You will learn all about it after you get a bid.


One thing that kinda sucks is you have to take a test before you get initiated. It’s not hard. It basically about the history of the sorority and what everything stands for. The sorority wants to make sure you are serious before you become a full member.  


After you are initiated, you are a full member in the sorority. Now you are expected to follow  A L L  the rules. You attend weekly chapter meetings. You attend all the philanthropy events. You can hold a position in the chapter. ETC.


Initiated = full member


Now let’s get in to some of the questions. 

Is it like being in a cult?  N O .

Do you  L O V E  you sisters?  Y E S

Will you be friends with everyone?  N O . You are not friends with everyone you meet. That’s just life. Don’t take it personally.

Are you a die-hard fan of your sorority?  Y E S

Are you able to be your own person?  Y E S

Sororities can seem cult-like to some people. However, a sorority is really a place for you to have a support system. It’s a place for you to be involved. It’s a place to find your people. It’s basically a bunch of girls coming together under one cause.



Am I paying for my friends?

N O . You are paying to be apart of an organization. You probably would be friends with these people if you were in the sorority or if you were not in the sorority. Usually, you make the friends you do because you want to have the same experience or you were in class together. 

The dues you pay throughout the year will cover all the sorority’s expenses. For example if your sorority has a house, you have to help cover those costs. You also have to pay to keep the chapter alive.

It like being in a club. You have to pay dues for a club too.


do you just party


Are there benefits other than meeting fraternity boys?

Y E S . Hello, it’s a bunch of cool girls coming together. Plus, you will be involved in a philanthropy.

Sorority girls do a lot more than party.

They have to keep up a certain GPA to be an active sister. This GPA is chosen by the sorority.

They have to attend philanthropy events. A lot of sororities make you complete service hours. 

Essentially, sororities are a place for you to become an involved member on campus. They want you to branch out, and they want you to find you best self. 


Is it a huge time commitment?


There are mandatory events you have to attend and events you choose to attend. For instance, you have to attend chapter every week. You have to attend your philanthropy events. There might be some other mandatory events like events with alumni or campus events. You have to attend a workshop for sorority recruitment. However all the date nights and dances, you can choose if you want to go or not.

However, sororities will work with you. Let’s say you have a huge exam coming up. You will likely be able to work it out with one of the girls in the sorority. This way you can study. 

You will devote more time to the sorority your first two years.

Your first year you will have to attend new member meetings. You will go to sisterhood events. You will meet a ton of girls. Plus, you will want to be super involved.

On average, I would say I spent 3 hours a week attending sorority events.



Is hazing a thing?

I was  N O T  hazed. I have talked to many other girls who were not hazed.

However, I cannot definitely say that it does not exist. All of us have all seen the stuff of the news. Many of the colleges are cracking down on it. Many colleges have a zero tolerance policy. 


Is joining a sorority worth it?

It's what you make it! I personally loved my sorority. I met some amazing people, and it really defined our college experience.

However if you join a sorority for the wrong reasons, you might regret it.

Know why you want to join. Don’t just join to meet boys or go to parties. 


Let me know if you have any other questions about sorority life or sorority recruitment! I am here to help you!


Later Babes!



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