I cannot even begin to explain how many girls get lost in sorority recruitment each year.

Every girl goes into sorority recruitment with confidence and excitement. However as the rounds continue to go on, the confidence shrinks and the excitement turns into frustration.

What gives? Why are so many girls feeling this way?

It usually comes from getting dropped from a sorority or a group of sororities. Getting dropped sucks. It’s emotional hard because you start to questions everything. You questions if you are pretty enough, cool enough, and smart enough. You look around at all the sorority members and you want to be like them. You want to find your home. You want to find a group of girls to be your best friends.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


This mindset is focused on the comparison. You look at your list of sororities and see you only have a certain amount of sororities left. Well, just  S T O P ! Stop comparing your life to the girls around you!

You have to focus on you, and you have to focus on the good moments. You are in control of your future.

Abraham Hicks once said, “When you focus on the good, the good gets better.” It’s true. If you are constantly comparing yourself to all the other girls in sorority recruitment, you are going to feel stuck. You are going to feel desperate. You are not going to be embracing your inner It Girl. If you focus on the good, you are going to see the genuine connections you are making. You are going to see the place you feel at most home.


when you focus on the good the good gets better


How do you stop this comparison mindset? How do you embrace every moment of sorority recruitment?


You focus on the good. It’s that simple.

You take every moment for what it is.

You are not trying to fit an image.

You are just being you.

You are showing off how amazing you are!

You are making genuine connections.


This mindset starts BEFORE sorority recruitment.

I know it sounds crazy, but you have to prepare yourself  B E F O R E  sorority recruitment. You have to make a social resume. You have to get REC letters. You have to plan out your outfits. You have to reach out to girls you know in sororities at your college. You have to start thinking about what you want out of a sorority. You have to write down your make or breaks.


All of this prep will align you with who you really are. It will help show you:

  1. your purpose

  2. your truth

  3. are able to attract your dream sorority


If you know what you want, know who you are, and align yourself with a positive vibe... you will be unstoppable. Every sorority will want you.


It’s simple. You will be glowing. You will be showing off the real you. You will be embracing your inner It Girl. You will be the potential new member of all the sororities want. You will be confident in who you are and your future.


But before you can do that…. you have to give yourself permission to have these things. You have to understand you deserve to find your dream sorority. You deserve to find your home away from home.


If you don’t give yourself permission, you are going to go back to that mindset you don’t want. You know, the comparison mindset. You are going to allow yourself to sink into a place where you are trying to fit an image. A place where you are not embracing your inner It Girl.


How to apply this positive mindset during sorority recruitment.


Babe Tip #1.

Before you go into the sorority house, you should have a mantra. It could be anything. I recommend telling yourself that you are worthy  A N D  the top three things you want out of a sorority.

This mantra will set you up for success. You will be going into the party immediately embracing your inner It Girl. You will not be wondering if the sorority members are going to judge you.

Before we go on, let’s get one thing straight. You are pretty enough, you are cool enough, and you are smart enough to fit into any sorority on your campus.

you are enough


Babe Tip #2.

Focus on what your heart is telling you. If you have an amazing connection at a certain sorority, it’s because you are supposed to be there. It’s because you feel at home. It’s because those girls could be your sisters.

Don’t get caught up in what that one boy is saying or the gossip. Focus on the place that feels like the right fit.

Don’t forget to write down all your amazing connections. This way when it’s time to vote you know exactly which houses to put at the top of your list.


Babe Tip #3.

Now onto the hard part, getting dropped.

Every sorority can only accept so many girls. Just because you got dropped from a certain sorority it does not mean you will not find your home.

You have to understand you are doing your best.

You have to give yourself permission to move on and feel better. Once you do this, it will feel like you have 100 pounds off your shoulders.

You have to focus on the good. You have to focus on what you have. If you are focused on the positive moment, you will have an optimistic view of sorority recruitment. Rather than being a Debbie Downer, you will be putting out a positive vibe and attracting the sorority of your dreams.


you have the power to attract your dream sorority


If you stick with the negative attitude, you will be in defense mode. You will keep attracting this feeling of you are not good enough. You will come off cold to the sorority members. You might even appear like you don’t want to be there. If you look like you don't want to get there, the sorority members are not going to give you a bid.

What's defense mode?

It’s when you are on guard. You are questioning your choices in sorority recruitment. You are questioning yourself. You are questioning everything. You are not making genuine connections because you are stuck on what could have been. If you are not making connections, how are you going to find your dream sorority?

It's like being a clingy girlfriend. You want the relationship to work so bad, but it just does not work. You are different people who want different things, and that is okay. 

It time to move on and try to find a place you can really be yourself. 

How do you do this?

The answer is making connections with the girls you are meeting. You have to make connections. It’s how the sororities know you are the right fit. It’s how you know the sorority is the right fit.



What I am really trying to say is, appreciate a fresh start. Every day is a new day. Every day you can make connections. Every day you have the ability to find your dream sorority. It’ up to you to determine how you want to spend that day. You can either dwell in the past  O R  you can be excited about the future. You have to go out there and be a girl on a mission to find her dream sorority. You have to accept the good moments.


Later Babes!





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