You have probably seen it all over Instagram. Girls are posting about how much they love their Bigs (or Littles) with all the cliche captions.

But… What’s up with this Big and Little thing? What’s really going on?

Here’s the breakdown about Big and Little:

After you accept a bid from a sorority, you immediately go to Bid Day. Bid Day is one of the most exciting days of the year for sorority girls. It’s basically like a H U G E party just for you and all your new sisters!

Once you get to Bid Day, most sororities will assign each new member a sister. This sister is basically there to make you feel comfortable and hang out with you all night. You might have met her during sorority recruitment, or you might be meeting her for the first time.

Yep, you guessed it! Bid Day is the start to Big and Little search.

Big and Little searching is basically like Bumble. You go on a bunch of dates with your sisters. You try and find the one girl you just really connect with. You vote on which sister you want as a Big. They vote on which new member(s) they want as a little (or littles). Then, you go to Big and Little reveal, and you find out who is your Big!

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Now, let’s get into the specifics.

What exactly is a Big?

A Big is just like a big sister. They are there to help you throughout sorority life, college life, and all other struggles. Your Big will make everything easier for you.

If you have a question about the sorority, they are your go to.

If you are struggling with boy drama, they are your go to.

They are your shoulder to cry on and will hold your hair back after a night of too much drinking.

Who can be a big?

A Big is an initiated member in the sorority. To get more specific, a Big is usually a Sophomore or Junior in the sorority. However, some sororities do allow Seniors to become Bigs. It really all depends on the sorority.




Who can be a little?

A potential new Little is anyone who just joined the sorority. AKA a new member of the sorority.

What’s a twin?

Sometimes there are more potential Littles than there are potential Bigs. If this situation happens, the sorority will allow some of the potential Bigs to take more than one Little.

So if a sorority member is taking more than one Little, she is taking twins.

There’s one more thing. A twin can be from a different pledge class. Let’s say your Big decides to also take a Little in the Spring (because your sorority went through Informal Recruitment). This new girl is your twin.

Basically if the Big has two Littles, then they are twins. It’s just easier than saying I have two littles. You know?

I know it’s confusing!

How do you get your Big?

Usually, you will go on a bunch of dates with girls in your sorority. Some date examples are going out to dinner or ice cream or hanging out at the sorority house. Just basic fun things.

After a couple of weeks, you will vote on your top choices for Big. Basically, you rank all the girls you went on dates with. It’s similar to voting for sorority recruitment.

Most sororities allow potential Bigs to vote on their soon to be Littles.

Then, a girl (or girls) in the sorority will go through and mutually connect Bigs and Littles. It’s all based on the rankings you submitted.

Don’t worry E V E R Y potential Little gets a Big! Some girls do get random Bigs, but it all works out!




When do you get your big?

You get a Big the same semester you pledge.

Usually, it happens within the first 3 months of you pledging.

Every sorority and has a different time period for this process to take place.

What’s Big AND Little Reveal?

Big and Little Reveal is the day you finally find out who is your Big.

A lot of times the sorority will have a theme for this day. For example, you might have to complete a scavenger hunt or unwrap your Big.

After you find out who your Big is, you will get a ton of presents. It’s basically like Christmas for sorority girls!

Also on a similar note, some sororities do something call Big/ Little Week. It’s basically a week full of gifts and clues from your soon to be Big.

Why do you have a big?

The main point of a Big is to have a mentor and friend in the sorority.

They are there to answer all your questions.

They are there to help you figure out your place in the sorority.

They are there to help you figure out college.




Okay, what’s up with the whole family thing?

Now, this part is a little complicated. It took me a minute to understand it at first.

Basically, the sorority family structure is very similar to your biological family. Think like a child, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

So there is you, the new member. You are the Little.

Then, you have your Big.

Then, your Big has a Big. She is your Grand Big or G-Big.

Then, your G-Big has a Big. She is your GG-Big.

The list goes on, and it gets more complicated.

Later Babes!





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