You have prepped for sorority recruitment. You have all your REC letters in. You have picked out the perfect outfits. You have made it to the last round of sorority recruitment, Pref.

Now, you have to make your final decision. Which sorority are you going to choose? Maybe the decision is easy. Maybe you have two sororities you really love. Maybe you are still not convinced you want to be in a sorority. No matter what situation you are in, this decision can seem very difficult. Like life changing difficult. It’s emotional. I mean you don’t want to make the wrong decision! 

B U T guess what… there is no wrong decision. 

I wish I could give you a magic pill to see into the future or three guarantee steps to choose your dream sorority, but it really all comes down to how you feel and what you want. 

I have created this blog post to help you choose your dream sorority. I get what you are feeling. I was in your shoes back in 2013.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?



Babe Tip #1. trust your gut.

You have to trust your gut!

The sorority that feels like home… yep, that’s the right sorority.

The sorority members you connections with and feel like friends…yep, that’s the right sorority.

The sorority that just gets you…. yep, that’s the right sorority.

You might be thinking, “Okay I get it, but I still feel on the fence. I don’t know which one to choose?”

If this is the case there is no wrong answer, you have found your girls. Girls who feel like friends and family.

But don’t get me wrong, it feels like a really tough decision.

Close your eyes and ask yourself these questions.

How do you want to feel on Bid Day?

What do you see?

Who do you see?

Do you see someone you talked to?

Which sorority do you want to run home to?

Bingo! The first sorority that pops into your mind…that’s your number one sorority.

However, don’t let the reputations of the sororities get in the way. I get it, you want to be in the “top” sorority on campus, but do you click with the members? You don’t want to spend the next three or four years faking it to fit in. You need to focus on your list (three values you want in a sorority). These values are how you find your dream sorority. It’s how you stand out from the crowd of potential new members. It’s how you embrace your inner It Girl.

trust your gut

Babe Tip #2. talk it out.

Yep, you heard it right. Talk it out. Talk to your mom, grandmother, sister, cousin, aunt, best friend, anyone. It’s amazing how it feels to talk it out. You will get out all the nervous jitters, and sometimes you will know the answer just from talking to someone.

A lot of people will tell you not to talk to the other potential new members. It’s because they don’t want you to feel influenced. I get it, but if you have been invited back to a sorority there’s a reason. It’s okay to talk to the girls around you. It’s okay to make friends with the other girls. They understand what you are going through because they are in the same situation. No one is going to throw you under the bus or give you bad advice. Sorority recruitment is not the Bachelor.

Maybe you are not that type of girl. Maybe you don’t want to let out your emotions. Try a pro’s and con’s list or write down the things you love about each sorority or write down how you are feeling. This journaling will allow you to have a clear head and make the right decision.

Babe Tip #3. do you see a future there?

Do you see a future there? This idea is huge. An important part of finding your dream sorority is being able to see your future in the sorority. It doesn’t have to be something super aspirational like being the President, but you need to see how you will fit into the sorority. Girls who decide to drop out of a sorority their first year usually do so because they feel like they don’t fit in. They feel like there is not a spot for them.

Ask yourself, “what do you want out of a sorority?” Then, see if the sorority has to ability to fulfill your dreams.

Here are some ideas for you.

Do you want to hold a position?

Can you hold a position your Freshman year?

Do you want to make lasting friendships?

Does the sorority have events just for sisterhood?

Do they have a scholarship?

Have you found a mentor?

Does the sorority have a place for girls with the same majors to connect?

Basically, you need to find a sorority that will help you grow into the person you want to become!

Ummm okay, how do you do that?

You need to ask questions about the qualities you want in your dream sorority. These answers will help you find the perfect sorority for you!

do you see a future

Babe Tip #4. look around.

This tip might sound a liittttle weird at first. 

Look around at the members. Do they look like girls who could be your friends? 

Then during Pref, look around at the girls who are going through recruitment. These girls could be your sisters. Do they look like girls who could be your friends? 

Talk to them before you enter the sorority and after you leave. These girls are not your competition. They are your potential sisters.  

Remember there are a lot of cool things you get to do when joining a sorority, and you will be spending a lot of time with these girls. Like hours and hours. You have to see if these girls could be your friends. You want to surround yourself with girls that help you grow and girls who are fun!

Babe Tip #5. Make connections.

Connections. Connections. Connections. 

You know how much I stress making connections. I mean… they are everything. It’s how you make it to Pref, and it’s how you find your dream sorority. 

But let’s get clear, you have to start making connections during Round One. Yep, you heard it right. If you are not connecting with the members, how can you expect to make it to Bid Day?

The sorority members are looking for girls who will fit in the sorority A N D  girls they could be friends with.

Don’t pass up these connections. If there’s a sorority you click with every member and you feel like everyone is now your new BFF… girl that’s your sorority. Don’t overlook it because Delta Nu invited you back.

How do you make these connections?

First, you have to be you! Ask about the things you are interested in. Be genuine with your answers. Show off your amazing personality. 

Click HERE to learn all about mastering small talk.

Make connections

What if you don’t have these feelings?

There are two things you can do if you don’t love any of the sororities on your list.

  1. You can go to Bid Day. It’s kinda like trying out the sorority. Maybe you have not talked to the right people yet. Maybe you have looked past some of the connections you have made. However you need to know if you go to Bid Day, you will have to wait one year before going through sorority recruitment again. I only recommend this option if you could see yourself in the sorority. If you don’t see yourself in the sorority consider the second option, you don’t want to take another girl’s spot.

  2. You can drop out of sorority recruitment. This doesn’t mean you will never be able to join a sorority! You still have options. See if your college offers continuous open bidding or see if you can join a Non-Panhellenic sorority.

Click HERE to learn more about continuous open bidding.

Moral of the Story.

Choosing your dream sorority can seem very difficult. There are so many options. However, you have to look out for Y O U R best interests. Pick the sorority that speaks to you. Trust your gut, and know that there is not a wrong decision.

You will find your perfect sorority.

Later Babes!





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