So you went through recruitment. You did not get a bid for whatever reason.

You might be disappointed right now, B U T you still have options!!

COB (continuous open bidding) is a great way to join a sorority after formal recruitment.

Basically, COB is like formal sorority recruitment but much more casual. You get to really meet some of the sorority members. It’s less small talk and more get to know you talk. It like hanging out with some new friends.

Here’s the breakdown.

After you are released or have decided to drop out of sorority recruitment, your recruitment counselor should brief you on COB.

If you did not go through sorority recruitment and want to join a sorority, you will have to sign up online. Guess what… it’s free!

Meanwhile, the sororities that don’t meet their quota will tell Panhellenic they are going to participate in COB.

Panhellenic will send a list of names to each sorority participating.

The sororities will go through the list and invite the girls who they think will be a good fit to COB events.

At any time, the sororities can give the invitees bids.

That’s really it.

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Do all sororities participate in COB?

N O . Only sororities that are under quote participate in COB

What’s quota?

Basically, it’s the number of members Panhellenic requires each sorority to have. This number is different for every college.

Here is an example. Let’s say Delta Nu has 90 members. Quota is set at 100 members. Then, Delta Nu needs 10 more members.

How does cob work?

You will need to fill out the interest form. It can be found online. Just google your college’s name and COB to find it.

After Bid day, the sororities who are under quota will tell Panhellenic they are going to participate in COB.

Then, Panhellenic will send all the sororities who are participating a list of potential new members.

The sororities will go through this list and decide who to invite to the event(s). These events are casual and fun.

It’s nothing like formal recruitment. There are no rounds. You don’t go from sorority to sorority.

You might go out to dinner or come to the sorority house for snacks or come to the sorority for an activity. The sorority is just trying to see if you click with the members. You don’t meet all the sorority members just a select few.

After all the potential new members leave, the sorority members will vote on each pnm.

You will not vote after you attend the event. Your vote is a little different than the formal recruitment process. It’s more like decisions. You get to decide if you want to attend the event(s). You get the final say if you want to accept the bid.

Some sorority chapters will hand out bids after one event. Other sorority chapters require pnms to attend more than one event before they will hand out bids. It really all depends on the sorority chapter.

cob, informal recruitment

Is COB the same as informal recruitment?


When does it start?

COB starts the day after Bid Day.

How long does cob last?

If your college has formal recruitment during Fall semester: COB starts the day after Bid Day and goes until the last academic calendar day of Spring semester.

If your college has formal recruitment during Spring semester: COB starts the day after Bid Day and goes until the last academic calendar day of Fall semester.

Basically almost any day you are in college, sororities can give out bids.

However if the sorority meets quota, COB stops.

What type of pnm can go through the COB process?

All girls who are going through COB have to be full time students.

Additionally, pnms can be:

  1. Girls who went through formal recruitment and did not receive a bid (girls who were dropped by all of the sororities).

  2. Girls who did not go through formal recruitment.

  3. Girls who dropped out of formal recruitment.

What if I received a bid and dropped before I was initiated, Can I participate in COB?

N O . If you receive a bid from a sorority, you cannot participate in any type of sorority recruitment until the next F O R M A L recruitment.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to sign up for COB. It’s free to participate in COB.

However, some schools may require you to pay a small fee once you accept a bid. For example, the University of Michigan charges the sorority $30 per new member. The new member pays this fee.

Do you have to accept the bid?

N O . If you don’t feel like the bid is a good fit for you, you do N O T have to accept it.

If you do accept the bid, you will be required to sign a MRABA. The MRABA basically says you cannot participate in A N Y type of Panhellenic sorority recruitment until the next formal recruitment. It’s the same agreement you sign in formal recruitment.

If you are on the fence about accepting the bid, you will have 24 hours to decide. After the 24 hours, your bid becomes void.

cob, informal recruitment

Do you need REC letters?

Technically no.

Some women do recommend you get them. It’s really up to you.

Usually if you are participating in COB, you know some of the members. These members will serve as your REC letters.

AKA they will be telling all the sisters how A M A Z I N G you are, and how great of a member you will be!

What to wear?

COB is much more casual than formal recruitment. Most girls wear jeans and a cute shirt or a simple dress. Think like a first date.

You don’t want to wear an oversized t-shirt or sweatpants or running shoes.

You still want to look cute.

Don’t forget COB is still sorority recruitment. Make sure you are showing off the best version of yourself and embracing your inner It Girl.

COB, informal recruitment

Is everyone guaranteed a bid?

Sadly, no.

Let me know if you have any questions about COB’s or sorority recruitment. You can email me or DM me on Instagram. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Later Babes!





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