You made it to Pref Round! Y A Y !

Pref Round is the last round of sorority recruitment, and it’s usually the most serious round. Things tend to get emotional.

The sorority members tell you why they chose their sorority. They let you in on their sorority recruitment experience. They let down their walls to see if you are the right fit for the sorority. It’s their last time to pitch you on why you need to a member.

How voting works.

During this round, you will rank the sororities as you have done in the past round. However, the order M A T T E R S. You have to put your #1 one sorority in the first spot.

On the other hand, the sororities are doing an extreme version of voting. Basically, they are either giving you a great score or a not so great score.

Why would they do that?

It’s simple. They want their new pledge class to be made up of girls that want to be in their sorority.

Here’s an example, Let’s say there is this girl name Sally Mae. She is awesome and has been invited back to two sororities (Alpha Alpha Alpha and Delta Nu) for Pref. The members at AAA love her! They are actually obsessed with her. However during the conversation, she says she is a third legacy at Delta Nu, and she is going to get a bid there. Sally Mae is not going to get a great score at AAA. It’s nothing personal. If the sorority members gave her a great score, it could be taking the place of someone who actually wants to be a member.

Want to know about your options for Pref? Click HERE.

Want to know more about Pref? Click HERE.

Now that I have talked about the basics of Pref, let’s talk about something a little more serious.

Not every girl gets their first choice on Bid Day. I really wish everyone did. It honestly kind of breaks my heart. However, sometimes things happen and girls get their second pick or some girls might even get dropped from sorority recruitment.

I don’t want this to be the case for you!

I want you to get your first choice on Bid Day!

I want you to get the bid to your dream sorority!

I want you to find your forever home!

That’s why today I am going to breakdown the top 6 ways to stand out from the crowd during Pref Round.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


It’s time to embrace your inner it girl. Let’s get onto the babe tips.

Babe Tip #1 Tell them how you are feeling.

You H A V E to open up to the sorority members this round. It’s soo soooo important. The members want to know how your sorority recruitment experience is going. They want to know if you like the sorority. They want to know everything. If they know how you feel, they can give you the correct score.

If you love the sorority, walk into the house smiling. Tell the sorority members how happy you are to be invited back. You can even drop the phrase, “I really could see myself in this sorority.”

If you just got dropped from your #1 sorority, let them know. The sorority members you are talking to might have been dropped too. Make sure to keep an open mind and look to see if you could fit into the sorority. Don’t keep reminding yourself of what you could have had. Be in the moment.

If you don’t like the sorority, give them one more chance. You never know maybe you just have not met the right person yet.

My overall point is the sorority members are looking to you on how they should vote. Yep you, the girl going through recruitment.

Do you want to be there?

If you do, tell them because they will give you the highest possible score! If you don't express your thoughts, you might be cut...

break down your walls

Babe Tip #2. Confidence is key.

I am a big believer that your attitude attracts the type of people in your life.

If you walk into Pref Round embracing your inner It Girl and knowing what you want out of a sorority, you are going to attract the type of people you want into your life. You are going to have a clear answer to which sorority you should join. You are going to make connections with the sorority members. You are going to find your sisters.

On the other hand if you walk into sorority recruitment worrying that you are going to be dropped or feeling like you will not find the right sorority for you, you are not going to be able to find your dream sorority. You are going to be focused on unimportant things like reputation or not fitting in.

My overall point is you have to embrace your inner It Girl. You have to walk into Pref Round confident and excited to find your dream sorority. Your confidence will radiate. The sorority members will know that you are the right fit. They want new members who know that their sorority is the right for them.

Babe Tip #3. Ask the questions you want the answers to.

Yes, it’s that simple. Ask the questions you want to know the answers to.

Let’s say you have two amazing sororities you are deciding between.

How are you going to make your final choice?

You have to ask questions. I recommend you pull these questions from your make or breaks.

Here are some examples of questions you might ask the sorority members for Pref:

  • Why did you choose to join your sorority?

  • Are there any leadership positions for new members?

  • Are there sisterhood events?

  • What is your favorite memory?

  • How has being in sorority changed your college experience?

Ask whatever is important to you!

pull questions from your make or breaks

Babe Tip #4. Make actual connections.

This round is all about connecting. These are the girls you are going to spend the next four years with.

However if you are not a sappy and emotional person, you don’t have to make it about that. It really does not have to be that serious.

When I was going through recruitment, I was laughing so much during Pref Round. It really allowed me to see a different side of the sorority. Honestly, it’s probably the reason I chose my sorority. I knew I wanted to surround myself with girls that I could have fun with!

My overall tip is to let all your walls down. Let them in on your sorority recruitment experience. Make some jokes, and just have fun!

Babe Tip #5. What to wear.

Yeah, your outfits matter. For Pref, you don’t want to show up and Nike shorts and a t-shirt. The sorority members would look at you like you are crazy, and they would debate if you are talking recruitment seriously.

However, you do not have to wear a LBD. Wear something that allows you to stand out from the crowd. Maybe try a fun colored dress or a jumpsuit. Don’t forget to make sure you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing.

Also just an FYI: Some colleges do want you to wear something specific or have a color you should not wear. Make sure to look at your sorority recruitment guide for your college or ask your recruitment counselor.

Here are some fun options for Pref.





Babe Tip #6. Show off your personality.

Pref is your last time to make an impression with the sorority. You have to show off who you are.

You will be talking about the more important stuff like what you are looking for out of a sorority. It’s easy to get lost. Every girl is looking for friends, sisterhood…… because that is what everyone wants. You know?

I am not saying to go crazy and say something like, “I am looking for a sorority that can get me as most boyfriends as possible….” That’s definitely going to be a red flag.

However, show off who you truly are. If you tell funny stories, share a relevant story. Everyone loves to laugh. If you genuinely love the sorority, tell the sorority why you feel at home and why it’s the number one choice.

My point is just be you. Don’t try and fit an image or what you think the sorority wants. Be you because you are amazing, and don’t forget to embrace your inner It Girl.

Later Babes!





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