The night before sorority recruitment officially starts, you go to orientation. At orientation, you will be assigned a group and recruitment counselor. Your group is usually based on your last name.

Basically, it’s just a way for you to have a more personal sorority experience.

Think of it like you are going to camp. You are not free and left to figure everything out on your own. You have a camp counselor to help guide you and make sure everything is perfect.

It’s the same thing for sorority recruitment. Recruitment counselors are extremely important to sorority recruitment. They keep the process going, and they help all the girls who are going through sorority recruitment.

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let’s dive into everything you need to know recruitment counselors.

Who are they?

To be sweet and short, they are sorority members.

Every single sorority has at least one sorority member that is a recruitment counselor.

These girls have to apply for this position. Then, they are interviewed by the Panhellenic Council.

Basically, all of this happens because the Panhellenic Council wants the best recruitment counselors out there. They want to make sure these girls can serve all of the girls going through sorority recruitment.

recruitment counselor

What are they called?

It really depends on your college. Here are some of the common examples:

  • Gamma Chi

  • Pi Chi

  • Rho Gamma

Will you know what sorority your recruitment counselor is in?

N O . The recruitment counselors will O N L Y reveal what sororities they are in on Bid Day.

Wait, why will you not know what sororities they are in?

The recruitment counselors keep their sororities a secret because they don’t want to sway you throughout recruitment.

They are required to disaffiliate a couple of weeks before sorority recruitment starts. Basically what they do is, they go through all social media and make sure there are no pictures of them with letters (or anything to do with their sorority) and no pictures of them with their sorority sisters. Also, they cannot talk to A N Y of their sorority sister. I know it’s dramatic, but it prevents problems.

The Panhellenic Council does not want the recruitment counselors and the sorority members talking about the girls going through sorority recruitment. They also don’t want any dirty rushing.

What is their purpose in sorority recruitment?

These girls are there to help you with all facets of sorority recruitment. They are essentially like your mom.

They are your confidant.

You can share all your feelings and secrets with your recruitment counselor. She will not tell anyone what you are going through.

Some of their jobs include:

  • They give out all the daily schedules.

  • They make sure you arrive to the sororities on time.

  • If the sorority asks for them to put the pnm in a specific order for the round, they will do it.

  • They are there to offer advice.

  • They are a shoulder to cry on.

  • They will call you if you get dropped from all of the sororities.

  • They are there to make your experience easier.

recruitment counselor

Why are they helpful?

They have so much advice to share with you.

They have been in the same shoes as you.

They understand your hardships. They understand what if feels like to be dropped.

They just get it.

They will not influence you to join a certain sorority.

They are there to help you. If you have any questions about sorority recruitment, make sure to ask them. There are no silly questions. It could be anything. Like what to wear, what to talk about, deciding between your top two sororities, questions about voting… anything.

How do they make your sorority recruitment experience better?

Again, think of these girls as your sorority recruitment moms. They are there to make your sorority recruitment experience be as easy as possible.

I recommend you ask questions. You will get an inside look into your college’s sorority recruitment. No two sorority recruitment processes are the same. It’s the best way to know what is going on and what you need to do.

The recruitment counselors are also a shoulder to cry on.

Their main job is to help you. If you have a hard voting decision, talk to them about what is going on and what you like about each sorority. They will have some great advice for you.

If you are considering dropping out of sorority recruitment, you have to talk it out with your recruitment counselor. That’s just how the process works. Your recruitment counselor wants to make sure this decision in the right decision for you.

recruitment counselor

Later Babes!





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