I want to preference this blog post by saying there is not one mold for a perfect potential new member. I wish I could tell you exactly what to do to get into a sorority. However, it’s not that easy. Every sorority is different. Every sorority is made up of diverse girls. It all comes down to who the sorority members connect with and who you connect with.

B U T … there are a couple of qualities every sorority looks for in a new member. Here they are:

  1. Girls who the sorority members can be friends with.

  2. Girls who can back a philanthropy.

  3. Girls who are devoted.

  4. Girls who are committed to their academics.

If you look closely at these qualities, they usually are relevant to the rounds of sorority recruitment. The rounds allow the sorority members to focus in on a specific topic like sisterhood or philanthropy. During the rounds, the members will ask important questions to see if you are the right fit for the sorority. The answers to these questions are how the sorority members narrow down their list each day.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Now, let’s really dive into each topic.


Friendships are what binds a sorority. It’s what makes a sorority a home away from home. Your sorority friends will basically be like your family.

When the sorority members are voting on you, they are looking to see if they could connect with you. Maybe you and the sorority member just click. Maybe the sorority member could see you being best friends with another member. No matter what the case is the sorority members are looking for girls that are going to fit into the culture of the sorority.

It’s also important for you to see if you could be friends with the sorority members. You will be spending a ton of time with these girls you need to find sisters who seem like friends.

How do you know you are clicking with the sorority members?

It all comes down to connections.

It’s should be a similar experience to meeting your best friends. You have some sort of similarity with the sorority member. The conversation is natural. When you walk away, it feels like you have only been talking for a minute. It just seems right.

Think of it this way.

  • Are you able to be yourself around the sorority members?

  • Do you see a future there?

  • Do you walk in and feel like you are home?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself. These questions will help you find your dream sorority.

Friendship quote


Philanthropy is a major part of a sorority. M A J O R .

Every sorority raises money for their philanthropy. They host philanthropy events. They want to give back to the community.

Therefore, the sorority members are looking for girls who will participate in all things philanthropy. Yes, you will have to attend the philanthropy events. You may even have to help plan the events. You may have to participate in community service.

You might be wondering… how do you talk about the philanthropic side of you?

Usually, the sorority members will bring it up. They might ask a question like, “What kind of clubs were you involved in high school (or college)?”

Then, you need to breakdown everything. Okay, maybe not everything… talk about the top one or two things you did in high school (or college). For example, tell them about the community service you participated in or how you were President of Habitat for Humanity or how you served for your church.

You may be tempted to bring up all twenty clubs you were involved in. It’s more important to talk about the top accomplishments rather just naming each club.

The sorority members are not looking for a right or wrong answer. They just want to see you were involved.

Also, the sorority members will see all of your community service on your REC letter and your social resume.

Wondering what a REC letter is? Click HERE.

Wondering what a social resume is? Click HERE.

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The goal of every sorority is to have its members stay F O U R years.

However, every member doesn’t always stay all for years. Sometimes life gets in the way. Maybe some girls are graduating early. Maybe some girls have other time commitments and cannot make time for the sorority. Maybe some girls cannot afford the sorority anymore. Leaving early is not a big deal. The sororities have the option to go early alum for a reason.

Here’s the problem though, the sorority doesn’t want a ton of members to just stay for a semester or a year and drop. It looks bad for the sorority on a local level and a national level.

How does devotion play out during sorority recruitment?

During sorority recruitment, the sorority members are gaging how devoted are you. They want to see that you want to be there. They want to know you are excited and engaged.

How do you show your devotion?

It really comes down to showing off the best version of you.

I hate to break it to you, B U T you have to show up the minute you walk into the sorority.

Every round you will be meeting new sorority members. They will be voting on you. You have to make a good first impression for every member. You have to smile. You have to engage in the conversations. You have to ask questions. You have to make connections.

Here’s a pro babe tip. If you are really excited to be invited back to the sorority, tell them! It immediately sets a positive tone. The sorority members want girls who love the sorority.

Want to learn more about first impression? Click HERE.

sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched


Grades are a boring topic. No one loves to talk about grades, but they are very important.

Here’s the deal, every sorority has to maintain a certain GPA. This GPA is created by Nationals.

If the sorority doesn’t maintain their designated GPA, they may be put on probation. Probation is no fun. It’s kinda like being on house arrest.

Now, we need to talk about grades and sorority recruitment.

The sorority members will cut you after Round One if your GPA is too low.


Since grades are so important to sororities… it’s kinda risky for the sorority to take  a girl who is not up to standards. They are worried she will not be able to benefit the sorority. I know it sounds really harsh. No individual is defined just by their grades. It’s just how the voting process works.

If your grades are lower than the required GPA for the sorority, I recommend you get your grades up and then go through sorority recruitment.

Where do you find the required GPA?

The required GPA should be listed on your college’s Panhellenic website.

However, a lot of times each sorority’s GPA is higher than the GPA on the website. You should be able to find each sorority’s GPA on their official sorority website. Another idea is to look up the grade report for your college. This report will give you an idea of what to expect. To find the grade report for your college, type in Google “sorority grade report at insert your college’s name.”

It’s extremely important to note: If your college has formal recruitment in the Spring, you need to focus on your studies during the Fall. Your grades could be a make or break for your dream sorority. If you are struggling in a class, reach out and get the help you need. There is no shame in getting help!

When to talk about grades?

Grades are not always brought up in conversation. It usually is more of the behind the scenes thing.

However if you have a scholarship to your college, talk about it.

You don’t need to obsess with being the perfect potential new member. Focus on showing off your personality. Take the time to brag about yourself and show the sorority members why you deserve to be in the sorority.

Don’t forget the most important thing to do is to focus on finding your home and finding your people.

Later Babes!





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