Today’s post is an important conversation we need to have.

It’s all about your options during sorority recruitment.

I have already talked a lot about sorority recruitment.

However, you N E E D to know what your options are before sorority recruitment starts! These options guarantee you make the best decision. 


And don't get me wrong.

I want to you be excited about sorority recruitment.

I want you to find your dream sorority.

I want you to find your forever home. 

I am cheering for you!

But… sorority recruitment is hard. It's important to know your options. 



let’s get into it!


Basically, there are several different things that can happen in sorority recruitment. These are the options:

  1. You accept a bid --- YAY!

  2. You don’t accept a bid.

  3. You accept a bid. Then, you drop out of the sorority.

  4. You drop out of sorority recruitment before Bid Day.

  5. You get cut from sorority recruitment. 

  6. You get a COB.

  7. You join the new Panhellenic sorority on campus. 


Let’s dive into these options.


First option... accepting a bid.

This option is what we all hope for! It’s super simple.

Essentially, you go through sorority recruitment.

You find your dream sorority.

Then on Bid Day, you get a bid to the sorority.

A bid is like the sorority saying “Congratulations! We want you to be one of our sisters!!"


YAY! you got a bid.


Next option is... Not accepting a Bid.

Again, you go through sorority recruitment.

Then at the end of Pref round, you rank your sororities.

During the matching process, your first option does not pick you. However, your second option picks you.

Read more about the matching process HERE. 

When you open up your Bid Day card, you see you received a bid from your second choice.

You choose NOT to go to Bid Day--- you do not accept the bid.

This option is hard! On Bid Day, we all want to see our first choice but that does not always happen.

I always recommend you go to Bid Day and give the sorority one more chance! You never know, you might love it!!

If you choose not to go to Bid Day, you are going to limit your choices. 

Basically if you went through sorority recruitment in the Fall, you can’t go through sorority recruitment until the next Fall. You have to wait a year. 


The Third option is... accepting a bid and then dropping the sorority.

Whoo-hoo! You accepted the bid!

After you accept the bid, you are labeled as a new member.

You have to go through a process before you become an initiated member.

Midway through the new member process, you realize it’s not really your thing for whatever reason. Maybe it’s too expensive, you don’t have enough time, it’s just not for you, etc.

If you drop out of the sorority before you are initiated, you can go through sorority recruitment the following year.

However if you drop out of the sorority after you have been initiated, you are NEVER able to go through sorority recruitment again!!

This is serious. You are never able to go through sorority recruitment again.

If you do not like the sorority you join and you feel like another sorority is a better fit for you, you NEED to drop out of the sorority.

You do need to realize just because you are dropping out of the sorority, it does not guarantee another sorority will give you a bid. It's harsh, but I have seen it happen. Sorority girls talk. 

There are also many girls who find the right sorority after going through recruitment again. 


The Fourth option is... dropping out of sorority recruitment before Bid Day.

You go through sorority recruitment.

You don’t like the houses left on your list or you don't want to join a sorority. 

You drop out of sorority recruitment.

You can drop out at any time. You need to talk to your Gamma Chi (recruitment counselor) and fill out some paperwork.

If you drop out of sorority recruitment before Bid Day, you can either: 

  • participate in COB (I will talk all about this in a minute)

  • go through informal sorority recruitment (if your college offers it)

  • go on with your life

However, it’s important to note not all sororities participate in informal recruitment.

Informal recruitment is usually held during the following semester at your college. If you go through sorority recruitment in the Fall, your college might have informal recruitment Spring semester.

Informal recruitment is a very different process than formal recruitment.

Basically, you say you are interested in joining a sorority-- you sign up.

Then, the sororities send you invitations to their events.

You only meet a portion of the sorority members. The whole chapter does not participate in informal recruitment.

If the sorority likes you, you receive a bid.

The sorority can send you a bid after the first event or after the third event. It really all depends on the sorority and their rules.

You choose if you want to accept the bid.


don't get discouraged you still have options


The fifth option is... getting cut from sorority recruitment.

Okay, this one is really hard.

You go through sorority recruitment, and all of the sororities cut you.  

This option can happen during any of the rounds. Even after Pref. Just because you attend Pref, it does not guarantee you receive a bid.

On a more positive note, you still have options. 

  • You are eligible for COB (I will get to this in a minute, I promise).

  • You are eligible for informal recruitment.

If you really want to join a sorority, I highly recommend both of these processes.

However, there are so many ways to meet new people on campus. Sorority life is not for everyone!


Next option is... getting a COB.

COB stands for continuous open bidding.

This process starts immediately after formal recruitment. Like literally the next day. 

Essentially, what happens is sororities who don't reach quota extend bids to girls who either:

  • dropped out of recruitment

  • got cut during recruitment

Not all sororities participate in COB. Do not bet on this option.


You might be asking, what’s a quota?

The Panhellenic Council gives each sorority a number of girls they have to have in their sorority. This number is the quota.

If after formal recruitment this number is still not met, the sororities need to increase the number of girls. Therefore, they extend bids to girls who have gone through the process of formal recruitment. 

This process is very similar to informal recruitment.

You receive an invite from the sorority.

Then, you meet with some of the sorority members. If the sorority thinks you are a good fit, the sorority gives you a bid.

You decide if you want to accept the bid or not.   


Last option is... joining the new Panhellenic sorority on campus.

At some colleges, a new Panhellenic sorority will be founding a chapter.

This is a great option for girls who either:

  • dropped out of sorority recruitment

  • got cut from sorority recruitment

The new sorority has reps on your campus. You have to attend a second recruitment, but it’s informal.

This recruitment process starts a couple of weeks after formal recruitment. 

The reps make sure you are a good member for the sorority. It’s much more laid back and fun!

This option is a great opportunity. Not only are you able to join a sorority, but you are able to found your chapter. You get to experience all the founding moments!


Knowing your options, gives you power.


It’s important to know your options as you go through sorority recruitment. These options help you to make the best decision for your college experience.


Later babes!



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