What should you bring to sorority recruitment? What are the essentials?


I am here to breakdown all the things you will need! We now offer a bag full of all the essentials.



Like I have said before, sorority recruitment is and  A L L  day event. Yeah, I know crazy. These items will help you master recruitment, feel your best, and be your best.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Just an FYI: Some colleges, like Arizona State University, make you use a bag they give you. Make sure to check your Panhellenic website to see if you can bring a purse or if they supply a bag.

If they supply a bag, you will not need to go out and find a purse. If you are using your own purse, make sure the bag is not too big. You don't need a Mary Poppins bag. I have included some purses that are perfect for sorority recruitment. 





Okay, let's get into the essentials. 



I put this at the top of the list because mints are essential!

You  H A V E  to bring mints. You really will need them!

The worst thing is when you are talking to a girl and her breath smells….

Don’t bring gum. The second worst thing is when you are talking to a girl, and she is champing on her gum.



You will be on your feet for a large portion of the day. If you get a blister, you will need band-aids…you don't want to be limping. 


hairbrush or comb. 

You woke up early to straighten or curl your hair. Then halfway through the day, you look like you went through a tornado….

That’s why you need a hairbrush. Brush your hair after a couple of rounds it will make a huge difference in the way you present yourself. You will feel your best and be looking your best.


touch up makeup. 

Lipstick, Hair Ties, Powder, Lip Gloss, Chapstick, Oil Sheets: The Essentials.

Your makeup is going to wear off throughout the day. You might be sweating it off. You might eat lunch and part of it comes off. You might touch your face and it comes off.

The point is you need to bring just the essentials. Don’t bring all your makeup with you just the basics.

Another pro tip is to set your makeup with a spray. The spray helps your makeup to last longer. Also, use a primer. If you have never used a primer before it is a game changer. My favorite primer is by Smashbox!




Let’s be honest what’s worse than a hangry girl….. nothing.

Bring a snack.

Trust me you will be so much more alive and ready to go! Instead of looking at your phone wondering what time it is or complaining to the sorority members about being hungry, you will be talking about the things that matter. Bring a snack and thank me later.

Don’t bring something too crazy though. We don’t need you to be smelling like a tuna fish sandwich or anything. I always recommend some sort of granola bar. They are easy to travel with and easy to eat. Plus if the granola bar is full of protein, you won’t be starving all day!




It’s hot in August. You need to drink water. It's just something you have to do. There have been girls to faint during sorority recruitment because they are dehydrated. Don't be that girl. 

Bring a water bottle.

However, don’t bring a HUGE 64 oz bottle. Just bring something small. Something you can easily throw in your purse.

Plus, you don’t want to be the girl who has to run and find a bathroom every 20 minutes. Wake up, drink like 32 ounces, and then you can casually drink throughout the day.




This might be one of the most important things you need to bring.

It’s summer the weather is a little crazy. The rain comes out of nowhere especially in the South. One minute is it fine, the next it is a monsoon.

Bring a small umbrella. You can store in your purse.

You don’t want to be running in the rain and ruining your makeup and hair.




With all the stress of sorority recruitment, Mother Nature might throw in a surprise. Don’t let this surprise ruin your day.


portable charger.

This item is just a basic and a must.

You will have some off time in between rounds. You need your phone to follow your new friends, write notes about the sororities, and just go through Instagram.



Bonus Essential: Caffeine. 

The first couple of rounds are really long. You are on your feet all day. You are talking all day. You are smiling all day. You are being the best version of yourself all day. 

Annnnnd it's exhausting. 

It does not seem like that much work, but you will be sooooo tired after sorority recruitment.

I remember not even eating dinner because I was so tired. I would walk into my dorm room and just fall asleep. 

So maybe consider bringing some caffeine with you.. 

In the morning you will have a ton of energy. By the end of the day, you might be dragging. A little bit of caffeine will really help! 

Personally, I love the Starbucks VIA coffee. They are so simple and easy to carry. You literally just throw it in some water and shake it up. Another idea is Spark.

Red Bull might be hard to carry because you would have to chug it, and that sounds a little dangerous. 

Bring something you can easily put in your purse. You cannot hold any kind of cup/ drink during sorority recruitment. However, you can bring a water bottle with you. Just make sure you keep it in your purse!


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Later Babes!



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