Talking can be hard. You know?

One minute you are having an amazing conversation. Then, you get asked a question that throws you off. Now, you are stumbling on your words. Nothing is making sense. Like English is definitely your first language, but you look like you just learned it.


Well, guess what... I am breaking down the top asked questions for sorority recruitment,  A N D  I am giving you some It Girl tips on how to answer them! These questions are the go to questions  A L L  sorority members ask. They are basically the guaranteed questions you will be asked. Plus, these tips will make talking less hard.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Okay let’s jump into the the type of questions the sorority member will ask you.


First, let's breakdown how the questions will work. All (okay maybe most) of the sorority members questions will be open ended questions. This way the sorority members will get to know you better, and it makes for a better conversation.

You might be asking yourself… “what’s an open ended question”. Well it’s simply, a question that does not have a yes or no answer.

For example, what’s your favorite TV show is an open ended question.

Do you like spaghetti is NOT an open ended question.

Babe Tip: When you are asking questions, you also want to ask open ended questions. 

Now that you know what an open ended question is let’s get into the actual questions sorority member ask.


Questions you will be asked #1. Where are you from?

Sorority girls are nosey. They want to know everything about you.

Like  E V E R Y T H I N G .

If they know everything about, they can truly decide if you are a good fit for the sorority.

This question is basic and a great way to find some type of connection. Maybe you went to her rival high school or maybe she knows someone from your town. It’s a small world. You will be surprised how many things you have in common with the sorority members.

Remember connections are  K E Y . You need to make connections! Connections. Connections. Connections. 


This is actually really important. If you are coming from out of state, you will be asked a million times why you decided to go to your college. Get your answer ready. Your answer does not have to be perfect. It could be anything.

Read more about out of state sorority recruitment HERE.


Questions you will be asked #2. What did you do this summer?

Again, the sorority members are interested in your life. Plus, they want to see what type of girl you are. 

You need to come up with a list of your top moments from the summer.

  • Did you have a summer job/ internship?

  • Did you travel anywhere (inside and/ or out of US)?

  • Did you start college in the summer?

  • Did you start a new hobby?

If you just hung out and watched Netflix all summer, that’s okay. You can totally say that. The sorority members are not going to penalize you for watching Netflix nor do they expect you to yachting off the coast of Ibiza.

Again, draw a connection.

  • Are you both nannies?

  • Did you travel to the same areas?

  • Do you have so much in common you are basically the same person?

Find that connection. Let the connection help you ask questions to the sorority member.


make a connection


Questions you will be asked #3. Where are you living this year?

I really don’t know why this question is asked, but it is. Know what dorm you are living in or area of campus if you are living off campus.

If you are asked this question, you can ask so many different follow up questions. Like which is the closest dining hall or how she liked living there… the list goes on.


Questions you will be asked #4. Did you know your roommate prior to college?

This is usually the follow up question to question #3.

It’s a good way to really get to know a girl. Is she rooming with someone you knew from her hometown or are you rooming with someone she met off Facebook? Both are valid answers.

If you have a funny story on how you met, make sure to share it! It’s a great way to show off your personality. 

Don’t force the story though.


Questions you will be asked #5. What’s your major?

If you have the same major as the sorority member, get her to spill everything. It’s a great way to not only make a connection, but get some insider information. Ask if there are any professors to avoid or what classes to take/ not take or what electives to take. 

If you are going in not knowing your major, that’s okay. It’s no big deal. No one really knows what they are going to do with their lives when they are 18. Let’s be honest the kids that know how their next 10 years are going to look like are the kids most likely to change their major.

Share what you are interested in or the majors you are considering. The sorority member might even be able to share with you an insider look into that major. 


get her to spill everything


Questions you will be asked #6. What were you involved in during high school?

All the sorority members are looking for new members who are going to contribute something to their sorority.

Plus, a sorority is a  H U G E  commitment. They don’t want to give out a bid to a girl that is going to drop immediately because she did not realize she has to go to chapter every week.

Just an FYI: Chapter is what the sorority members refer to as their weekly meeting. The whole sorority gets together to discuss the events for the week and important chapter related objectives. 


The sorority members also want you to be involved in other things on campus. They are looking for a well rounded girl.


Come up with a basic list of the top things you did in high school or your Freshmen year in college. Try to keep your list to 3 to 5 things. The sorority members don’t want to hear about every little detail.

Here are some starting ideas:

  • Where you involved in a sport?

  • Where you involved in a club?

  • Did you have an internship?

  • Where you involved in your church?

  • Where you involved in Young Life?

  • Did you volunteer?

  • Do you have a hobby?


Questions you will be asked #7. Is there any club you want to join this year? How do you want to get involved on campus?

I remember this question really stumped me… in my head, I was like, “Ummmm I don’t know. I moved into my dorm yesterday.”

You will want to know at least one thing you want to get involved in other than joining a sorority. The sorority members already know you want to join a sorority…. You are at sorority recruitment.

Do you want to join an intramurals team?

What about dance marathon?

What about bible study group?

What about Habitat for Humanity?


A good way to find a club on your campus is to google clubs at insert your college here. Then, just read up on a few. You don't actually have to join this club. It's just a good starting point. 

Also if you are asked this question, it’s a great way for you to ask a question about the sorority member. It's simple. Ask her if she is involved in anything outside of the sorority. You might find out about a club that you just have to join. 


find something that interests you


Questions you will be asked #8. How is recruitment going?

Answer this question honestly.

If you just got dropped from your number one sorority, tell them. They might have been in a similar situation. They might be able to offer some great advice to you.

If you are on cloud nine, tell them.

If you are excited to be asked back, tell them.

Being vulnerable is hard. If you are honest, the sorority member is going to see that. They want to be apart of your journey. They are there to help you find your perfect fit.


Questions you will be asked #9. What year are you?

This question is probably going to be one of the first questions they ask you. 

Why are the sorority members asking you this?

Well, it’s simple. They are preparing for the next question they are going to ask you.

Plus, I am going to let you in on a secret. Every sorority's new pledge class is mainly Freshmen. Like 90% Freshmen. 


It’s because they want sorority members to stay as long as possible.

However, every sorority has to accept a certain amount of Sophomores and/or upperclassmen. It's required.

Some sororities take Juniors, but not all sororities. Again, all sororities are looking for girls who are going to be in their sorority for the longest possible time.

If you are a transfer student, make sure to let them know. Explain your situation. If you transferred in your Junior year and you still have three years left, tell them. It could be a make or break moment.


Questions you will be asked #10. What are you looking for in a sorority?

This question is basically let’s see if the sorority's offers you the college experience you want. 

Most girls are going to say the cliche answer… “I am looking for a home away from home. I am looking for a strong sisterhood.”

Okay, we get it. No one is looking to join a sorority with girls they hate. You know?

Try to come up with something a little original.

  • Do you connect to their philanthropy?

  • Do you really see yourself there?

  • Are you able to be you and not fit an image?

  • Do you have a connection with one of the sisters?

  • Have you heard amazing things from friends or family about the sorority?

This question is usually asked in a later round like Pref. Therefore, you really know what the sorority is all about. You know what you want and what you don’t want.


Later Babes!