You went through sorority recruitment as a Freshman.

You might have gotten a bid.

You might have decided to drop out of sorority recruitment.

You might have gotten lost in the process. 

Now, you have decided to go through the process again.


You might be apprehensive. You might be thinking...

Is there a stigma with going through sorority recruitment again?

Will you get a bid?

Is it worth it?

Is it okay to go through recruitment a second time?


I am here to tell you, it's  O K A Y  to go through sorority recruitment for the second time.

If you want to join a sorority, go for it. You don’t want to be 30 years old and still regretting not going through sorority recruitment again. Life is short, do what you want!

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Here are some of the positives for going through sorority recruitment for the second time.


#1. You know what you want.

Sorority recruitment can be very overwhelming. You are thrown into round after round, and you have similar conversations each round. The sorority members will ask you a million questions trying to get to know you. You might have gotten distracted with gossip and reputations.

Now with a semester or year under your belt, you know what you want out of a sorority.

You should create a list of the make or breaks. This list will help guide you through the process. It will help you find your dream sorority. Read about the list you need to create HERE.


girl on a mission


#2. You know sorority girls.

Most likely you know some sorority members. 

Guess what…. you also know what each sorority is really like. You can see past the stereotypes. You can see what the members are really like.

A N N D D D  you might be friends with these girls. This is  H U G E . Your friends want you in their sorority. They are going to go around and tell everyone about you. They are going to say how great you are and what a great member you will make.

Make sure to tell your friends you are going through sorority recruitment. Read more about why you need to reach out HERE.


#3. You know how the process works.

You have already been through sorority recruitment. You know the ins and outs. You know the questions they are going to ask. You know how to prepare your answers. You know all that needs to be done before recruitment. 

Use this to your advantage. Ask the question you want to know. Embrace your inner It Girl. Read more about embracing your inner It Girl HERE.


you know the ins and outs


Now if I am going to be real, there are a few negatives.

I am only sharing the negatives with you because I want to know everything. Not the highlight reel. I don’t want for your experience to be toxic and just downright horrible.


#1. If you accepted a bid the year before.  

If you accepted a bid and then decided to drop, that’s totally okay. A lot more girls do drop than you think. It could be a financial thing or maybe you just did not vibe with the girls.

However, there is a stigma that goes with joining a sorority and then dropping right before initiation.

Most times the sorority members will blacklist you from their sorority. Which is totally okay…. I mean you dropped from the sorority for a reason.

If you are in this situation, you really need to branch out. Try and meet as many girls as possible. See which sororities feel like a better fit for you. Join clubs. Enhance your social calendar.

This way when the sorority members ask what you are involved in, you will have a great answer. Not…. ummmm nothing or  O N L Y  partying. That’s not always the best look for sorority recruitment.

Just remember sorority girls talk, so be careful. Don’t cause tensions between you and all of the sororities on campus.


#2. Sororities like Freshmen.

It's true. Most of the sororities' new members will be Freshmen. Like probably 90%. 

The sorority girls will be on high alert trying to find the best Freshmen for their new members. Plus, most sorority members are on the lookout for their littles. A lot of members dream of finding the perfect Freshmen little. They want to be able to show her everything around campus and on the social scene.

Why are most new members Freshmen?

It’s because the sororities want girls who are going to stay as long as possible.

Yeah, a couple of girls will drop during/after their Freshman year, but most girl will stay in the sorority.

I am not saying it will be harder to rush as a Sophomore, but it's not going to be a walk in the park.

On a positive note, a lot of colleges require each sorority to take a certain amount of upperclassmen (this number includes Sophomores). It diversifies the pledge class and allows everyone a chance to join a sorority. However, some sororities do not take Juniors or Seniors.


#3. You have a reputation.

You have been on campus for a semester or year. You have met a lot of people. I guarantee you have a lot of mutual friends with sorority members.

The sorority members are going to reach out to everyone. Literally everyone. They want to know what you are like. They will dig into your social media and your life.

You don’t want to  O N L Y party. You don’t want to be known as the wild child. Make sure you have a well rounded social life. When sorority recruitment season comes around, people will be saying  G R E A T  things about you. They will be talking about how involved you are. They will be saying you are the It Girl, and the sorority has to give you a bid.





I  H I G H L Y  recommend going through sorority recruitment for a second time. Yes, it’s still going to be hard. However, it will be worth it. You have the possibility of finding some of your best friends. You can find your home away home. You can stand behind a cause.

Don’t let anything hold you back. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t think you will be judged.

Embrace your inner It Girl and just be you!

Here are some tips for before you go through sorority recruitment again:

  • Join some clubs, or join an activity, or get a job.

  • Meet some of the sorority members on campus.

  • Figure out what you want out of a sorority.

  • Stay open minded.

  • Get REC letters.

  • Clean up all social media.

  • Live your life.

  • Enjoy college.


Later Babes!





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