Recommendation letters are essential to sorority recruitment.

These letters help the sorority to get an initial look inside your life.

They play a major part in the behind the scenes of sorority recruitment.



Now, it time to breakdown recommendation letters!


What are recommendation letters?

Recommendation letters are forms that alumni or a sorority member fill out.

These women are vouching for you. 

These letters are essentially saying you are a good fit for the sorority.  

Think of recommendation letters like a blind date. 

Here is the situation: You are getting set up by your friend. Of course, your friend is going to hype you up to your date and make you sound AMAZING. Because let’s be honest, you are AMAZING!

But, the guy is the sorority, and the friend is the alumni or sorority member.


recommendation letters


Why are these letters even important?

These letters are SOOO important because...

A: They play into your overall score during recruitment. Usually if you have a              recommendation letter, you will have a better score going into round one of sorority recruitment.

B: The sorority is using this form to pair you will similar girls. Therefore, it will be easier to make connections with the girls you are talking to.

Find out more about the importance of connections HERE.


Who can write recommendation letters?

A L L  sororities accept REC letters from alumni. Some sororities accept REC letters from women who are currently in sororities. 

These women do NOT have to attend the same college as you.

For example, let’s say you are going to the University of Alabama.

Your neighbor went to Arizona State University and was an Alpha Phi.

She could write you a recommendation letter for the Alpha Phi chapter at the University of Alabama.

She cannot write you a recommendation letter to Alpha Chi Omega at the University of Alabama .


How many recommendation letters do you need?

In an ideal world, you would need one recommendation letter to every sorority chapter on your college campus.

However if you cannot get all the recommendation letters, it’s okay! Just try and get as many as possible!

I always recommend you put out a Facebook status asking for recommendation letters.

Just say something along the lines of this:

“I am going through sorority recruitment as insert your school name here, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to write me a recommendation letter. These are the sororities I still need recommendation letters from list all the sororities. "

Women are always willing to write recommendation letters for girls going through recruitment!


recommendation letters


When do you send in recommendation letters?

The sooner you get them in the better!

I always recommend getting these letters in 10 days before sorority recruitment.

Some schools have cut offs for accepting recommendation letters.

Make sure to check your Panhellenic website to find if there is a cut off date.


recommendation letters


Where do you send in recommendation letter?

The sorority alumni or sorority member will send the recommendation letters to the sorority. 

Since someone else is sending in the information, you need to give them the address to the sorority or the email address to the sorority. 

All of this information can be found on your school's Panhellenic website. 


Now, let’s talk about the packet to send to the women writing your recommendation letters.

  1. A copy of your high school transcript.

  2. A copy of your ACT/SAT

  3. Social resume — read all about social resumes HERE

  4. Picture of yourself — some people recommend 2 pictures but you really only need to send one

  5. Cover letter— if you don't know the alumni writing your recommendation letter, this is a great way to introduce yourself— but not necessary

  6. An envelope that is stamped and addressed to the sorority OR the email address she needs to send it to


After the alumni or sorority member write you a recommendation letter, always make sure to send them a thank you note!

Let me know if you have any other questions about recommendation letters! You can always email me or DM me!


Later Babes!



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