Today, I am talking all about cover letters for sorority recruitment!

Cover letters are another part to include in your recruitment packet.

This step is optional, B U T it’s highly recommended!


Wondering what a recruitment packet is???

Read all about recruitment packets and recommendation letters HERE. 

Read all about social resumes HERE.



let’s get into it! The breakdown of cover letters for sorority recruitment!


What even is a cover letter for sorority recruitment?

A cover letter for sorority recruitment is a letter you write to the women who are writing your recommendation letter. 

It's a way to introduce yourself. 

It's a way to communicate important dates.

It's a way to let the women know how excited you are about sorority recruitment.

It's a way to explain how excited you are for the next chapter of your life. 

This letter is optional. B U T , it's encouraged to put into your recruitment packet! Highly, highly encouraged! 


Cover letter for sorority recruitment


Why do You need to include cover letters?

Like I have said above, cover letters are a great what to introduce yourself to women you might not know!

Plus, it's a great way to communicate with the women who are writing your REC letters!

You don’t want to go through all the trouble of

  • writing your social resume

  • getting your recruitment packet together

  • finding women to write your REC letter

and then have the REC letter turned in late.

Sooo make sure to include a date of when the letter has to be sent out.

Also, include which way to send the letter in -- email or via snail mail.

Let the women know the address or email address they need to send it to.

You need to eliminate all the friction.

Make it so simple for the women! The simpler the better.

Make it so simple a caveman could do it.... 


What do You need to include in your cover letter?

The cover letter for sorority recruitment is very similar to a cover letter you would use for applying to jobs.

It’s just more conversational and less corporate.

Let’s breakdown the cover letter into sections!

SECTION #1: Top right-hand corner includes

  • your name

  • your street address

  • your phone number

  • your email

  • the date

SECTION #2: Say hello!

SECTION #3: Tell a little about yourself.

  • where you are going to college

  • how excited you are to be going through sorority recruitment.

SECTION #4: The request of your REC letter.

  • include how you know the women

SECTION #5: All the information the women will need.

  • when the REC needs to be sent into the sorority

  • what is in your recruitment packet

  • what to send to the sorority

  • where to send the packet to -- aka address

  • etc

 SECTION #6: Say thanks!  

SECTION #7: Sign off


I know, it sounds like a lot.

Really it's only a couple of sentences for each part.

I have included an example at the end of the post to help you out!


cover letter for sorority recruitment


Who reads the cover letter?

The only person who reads the cover letter is the woman who is writing the REC letter.

The sorority will N O T see the cover letter.



  • Keep the letter short and sweet. Sorry, we don’t need your life story. Your social resume is a place to spotlight what you did in high school.

  • There should be lots of white space on the paper.

  • Break up the components. Don’t put everything into one paragraph. It makes it easier to read. 

  • Include all the information the women will need. 

  • Include your personal contact in case they have any questions. 

  • Keep the font simple, nothing too fancy. 

  • Be personal. Address each woman in each cover letter. 

  • Keep the cover letter to one page. 





Let me know if you have any questions about cover letters for sorority recruitment! You can always email me or DM me!

later babes!




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