The next couple of months you have some big decisions to make.

  • You will be choosing the college you will attend in the Fall.

  • You will be choosing a roommate.

  • You will be signing up for sorority recruitment.

All of these decisions can be overwhelming! 

Getting the Bid is here to simplify the steps of prepping for sorority recruitment. I have also included a checklist



steps to prep in MAY.

The first step is to register for sorority recruitment at your college. 

The sooner you register the better.

At most schools, the registration fee will increase as you get closer to sorority recruitment.

When you register, you will have to supply some basic information about yourself.

  1. Activities you did in high school or college

  2. ACT/ SAT scores and grades

  3. Emergency contact information

  4. Parent/ Guardian Information

  5. A picture of yourself

  6. Legacy Information

  7. Your school address


Next, you will need to create your social resume.

Essentially, your social resume breaks down all you did in high school and/ or college. You will give your social resume to all the women who are writing your REC letters.

Read about social resume HERE.



steps to prep in June.

Start getting REC letters.

REC (recommendation) letters are sent to the sorority either online or through the mail.

REC letters can be written by anyone who is in the sorority or is an alumnus of the sorority. The women writing the REC letters do not have to be alumni of the college you are attending.

-- Let me know if you would like a post all about REC letters.--


Clean up your social media. Sorority members will start to look at all of your profiles.

Here is post all about red flags and what sorority members are looking for in your social media.


Reach out to girls you know that are in sororities at your college.

This simple task allows you to get some inside scoop of sorority recruitment. Plus, they might even put in a good word for you! Maybe ask some questions about what to wear or about the college.

Usually about two weeks before sorority recruitment starts, sorority members are not allowed to talk to girls going through sorority recruitment. So make sure to reach out to them in June!  



steps to prep in JULY.

Start picking out the outfits for each day of recruitment.

I recommend you start in your closet.

What pieces do you love and feel the most confident in?

Afterward, you can stop by some of your favorite stores and get some pieces.

Make sure you pick everything out! Shoes, undergarments, jewelry, dress or skirt, everything you would need.


Run through hair and makeup.

How are you going to do your makeup?

Are you going to straighten, curl, or leave your hair natural?

Is there anything you need? A new foundation, setting spray, hairspray, purse, oil blotting sheets, hair ties….


Pack an emergency kit to keep in your purse.

Basically, pack a little kit of all the essentials. I recommend:

  • umbrella

  • snack

  • water

  • lip gloss/ chapstick

  • mints

  • hair ties

  • tampon

  • band-aids

  • bobby pins

  • phone charger


Come up with a list of things you did that summer.

Did you work?

Did you travel?

Did you volunteer?

This list is great for conversation starters.



Steps to prep One week before Sorority Recruitment.

Read over your school’s Panhellenic guide/ recruitment guide.

You will get a feel for the process of sorority recruitment and the sororities.

MAKE SURE to keep an open mind while you are reading the guide.

Is there anything you need? Index cards, specific outfit...


Get your nails done.

This step allows you to look polished and ready to start recruitment!


Here is a outlined checklist. 


If you have any questions about sorority recruitment, email me or DM me on social media!

Later Babes!



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