Thousands of girls sign up for sorority recruitment each year.

All of these girls have high hopes of joining a sorority. 

Tragically, some girls will fall through the cracks and drop from sorority recruitment.


You might be thinking   O H   M Y   G O D ...

How do you get a bid?

I don't want to be dropped!

How do you stand out from the crowd?


I am here to help you embrace your inner It Girl.

I am here to give you the It Girl tips on how to not be the basic PNM.


Don't be basic


Just an FYI: PNM stands for potential new member. You will be labeled as a PNM throughout recruitment.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


TIP #1.

Figure out your story.

What makes you different than all the other girls going through sorority recruitment? What makes you stand out from the crowd?


It can be anything.

  • What did you do this summer?

  • Where you a nanny?

  • Did you travel around Europe?

  • Did you go on a mission trip?

  • Did you do anything interesting in high school?

  • Are you an athlete for your college?

  • Are you interested in joining a specific club on campus?

  • Are you from out of state?

  • Are you a photographer?


Figure it out and make it your thing.

When the sorority member asks you what you did this summer you won’t be caught off guard. You will be like “ I was a nanny this summer, and I went on vacation to Destin.”  OR “ I am a photographer, so I was working most of the summer.”


Then, you have to make a connection. 

T H E Y   A R E   E V E R Y T H I N G .

C O N N E C T I O N S .  C O N N E C T I O N S .  C O N N E C T I O N S. 

Are you both nannies?

Have you both traveled to the same country?

Are you both scuba divers?

Do you have the same major?

Are you from the same area?

The list goes on. 


Figure out the connection, and be able to have a conversation about it.

Connections are key to sorority recruitment.

It’s how you will be remembered.

It’s how you get a good score.

It’s how you find your dream sorority.


When the sorority members are voting on you, they will be like "insert your name here… oh yeah, she was the nanny  OR  photographer.”


Your story will serve as your nickname throughout sorority recruitment.

It will be how the sorority members will remember you.

Because they will meet a million girls named Sarah, Samantha, Kelly, Hannah, etc.

But  Y O U  will be remembered because you have a story. Y O U  made a connection. Y O U are the It Girl.


TIP #2.

Know yourself.

Know your strengths.

Know your weaknesses.

Know what you want out of a sorority.


Sorority recruitment is all about playing up to your strengths and allowing yourself to shine. The sorority members want to know how you will fit in the sorority and what you can bring to the sorority.

If you are funny, tell some funny stories.

If you are received a huge scholarship from your college, find a way to drop it into your conversation. Don’t be like "I am soooooo smart." If it comes up, take the opportunity to brag about yourself for a second. Academics are a big part of sorority life.

If you are great a writer and want to work for the school newspaper, let them know your dreams.

Whatever it is, allow your strengths to shine. It’s what makes you different.


Now, let's talk about your weaknesses.

Sorority recruitment can be hard. However, you cannot let your weaknesses get in the way. Figure out a way to let your strengths shine.


If you have to give yourself a pep talk before each party, do it!

If you have to get outside your comfort zone, get outside of it!

If you have to try new thing, go out and try them!


I know you are the It Girl.

I am cheering for you.

I want you to find your dream sorority. I want you to find your home away from home.

Now is the time to embrace yourself and be the It Girl! Don’t let your weaknesses get in the way!


Next step, you need to know what you want.

Knowing what you want out of a sorority is very important. You need to brainstorm what are some key factors.

  • Do you want a strong sisterhood?

  • Do you want to connect to the philanthropy?

  • Do you want to hold a position in the sorority?

These factors will help you determine how you vote and drop sororities. Be the girl on a mission to find her dream sorority. Don’t let anything get in your way.

Knowing what you want will give off confidence and allow you to shine. You will not fall into the cracks because you will do everything you can to get it.


TIP #3.

Confidence. You have to have it.

Don’t try to fit an image. Be you. Allow yourself to shine.

Don’t worry what other people think about you because you  W I L L  find your dream sorority.

Trust the process. Prepare yourself for sorority recruitment.

Get outside your comfort zone.

Make new friends.

Meet people at orientation.

Talk to people you don’t know.

Allow yourself to shine.

Embrace your inner It Girl.




TIP #4.

Be kind to everyone. Literally everyone.

There are always girls going through sorority recruitment who think they are better than certain sororities.

Not only is that rude, but it’s mean.

Everyone deserves a chance. E V E R Y O N E.

You never know which sorority is going to feel like home.

Make sure you are having genuine conversations. Not only will this allow you to stand out, but you will be making connections. Connections = Higher Score


TIP #5.

Wear something that allows you to stand out.

It can be anything.

  • a jumpsuit or romper

  • jewelry

  • a printed dress

  • a bright color

  • a fun shoe

These are just some ideas. Allow your clothes to show off your personality. Wear what you are comfortable in.


Wear something that shows off your personality


Later Babes!



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