Many of the conversation you have during sorority will seem like an interview. These conversations will be based around small talk.

Everyone hates small talk because nothing gets accomplished. The conversation jumps around and usually lands on some random topic like cheese. 



In sorority recruitment, the sorority members want you to share your whole life story in 30 seconds.

You may think I am exaggerating.

Nope. They want to get to know you, so they know you are the perfect fit!


Don’t stress out. I am here to help you master the dreaded small talk.

I have come up with three babe tips to help you master sorority recruitment. These tips will make you into the It Girl of sorority recruitment.


Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Let's get into the tips. 



Remember every conversation has two people in it. You and the sorority member. Both of you have to work to make the conversation successful.


Yes, the sorority members will have a list of questions they will ask you.

However if you are curious about something, ask about it.

The sorority members  L O V E  to share personal stories about their experiences. 


Don’t depend on them to ask you questions. You will look uninterested, and you will get a low score. You have to keep the conversation going too.

Don't make the sorority member feel like they are pulling teeth because they are trying to get an answer from you.

Share your life story. 

Girlfriend, share everything.

Literally everything.

What’s holding you back?

Don’t you want to see which sorority is the right fit for you?!?


The answers you are giving will help you make connections, A N D  connections will help you find your dream sorority. It will help you find your home! That’s what you are all looking for, right?


You might be thinking… ummm hello what kind of questions are the sorority members going to ask me.

The questions are going to be basic and simple. Nothing too hard.

Here are some sample questions:

  • How is your day going?

  • What dorm are you living in?

  • Did you know your roommate before moving in?

  • What’s your major?

  • What classes are you taking?

  • Did you get football tickets yet?

  • What are you looking for in a sorority?

  • Why did you go through sorority recruitment?

  • What were you involved in during high school?

  • How do you want to get involved in college?

  • What do you enjoy doing?


See they are not difficult questions. Don’t feel pressure to answer them perfectly. The sorority members don’t expect you to be Miss USA and have a full routine practiced. They just want you to be you. They want to get to know the real you!


A lot of times, the sorority will show you videos or pictures. While you are watching the videos, come up with two or three questions to ask them about. If you see photos, ask about the events.


ask about what you see


The moral of the story is the sorority members want to see that you are interested. Ask questions about things you see. Not only will they have a story to share, but they will share an unscripted version of their sorority. Something you will only hear.


Here are some questions you can ask sorority members:

  • Why did you join insert sorority name here?

  • What is your sisterhood like? Are there any activities you guys do?

  • What are your philanthropy events like?

  • What is your favorite memory from being in the sorority?

  • How do you guys give back to the community?

  • What is your favorite event to host throughout the year?

  • Ask about what is important to you.

Remember to not ask about  B O Y S,  B O O Z E , or  P O L I T I C S. 


Babe tip #2. 

Who do you feel most comfortable with? Probably your family and best friends!

You are able to be yourself around your family and best friends.

You are not stressed out.

You don’t act like a robot.


Make them you bff


Trick yourself into thinking these girls you are talking to are your best friends too.

Now, you are probably thinking I am a little crazy...

How do I act like complete strangers are my best friends?

I thought the same thing until I read Fredrik Eklund’s book The Sell. In the book he explains when he goes to pitch an idea, he brings his best friend with him. He does not bring his best friend into the meeting. He leaves him at the door.

This idea is pure  G E N I U S. It was an  O M G  moment for me.

Sadly, you can’t bring your best friend to sorority recruitment. However, you can do this figuratively.

Before you walk into the sorority, think of a memory with your best friend that makes you laugh.

You will instantaneously feel happy and have a smile on your face.

You will forget about the pressure of sorority recruitment.

You won’t feel stressed out.

You won’t feel uncomfortable.

You won’t be worried about the future.

Your best friend has your back. You are not going into the party alone.

Then when you meet the first girl in the sorority, you will be showing off your personality. You will be the It Girl of sorority recruitment.  


babe tip #3.

Remember what makes you different.

Every girl going through recruitment has a story.

Everyone's story is different.

You need to figure out your story. This story is what is going to let you stand out from the crowd.


what's your story


It does not have to be something crazy like Kim Kardashian is your older sister.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Are you from out of state? Okay, why did you choose to go to your college?

  • Did you do something really cool in high school?

  • Are you a transfer student?

  • Did you spend the summer in Europe?

  • Are you a camp counselor?

  • Do you have a full ride scholarship?

  • Are you an athlete?

Figure it out and make it your thing. Your thing is going to be what the sorority members will remember you by. Kinda like a nickname.

They will be like, “OH MY GOD, KELLY! You have to meet insert your name here! She is a camp counselor too! You guys would get along soooo well. I am going to go talk to Samantha and set it up!”

Guess what, you meet Kelly next round. You and Kelly click. You get a bid from the sorority. Now, Kelly is your Big. Yep, that’s how sorority recruitment works.



Small talk can be hard and overwhelming.

Make sure you practice it throughout the summer. Ask questions. Find your truth. Be confident in who you are. All of these tips will help you master small talk and make you the It girl of sorority recruitment.


Later Babes!



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