It’s important to plan out your summer. You will have important deadlines to meet. Like signing up and getting recommendation letters. 

Check out the checklist HERE to find out all you need to do!


One of the most important things you need to do this summer is …. clean up your Instagram.

Yep! You need to go through every photo and caption and make sure it is appropriate and on brand for you.

By on brand, I mean capturing your best self. Show off your personality, values, and passions.

 Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Wait, what?

You might be thinking, "this is a little extreme". 

I am serious and you need to take your Instagram serious too. 

Sorority members are going to be looking at your Instagram.

It's really your first impression for sorority recruitment. It's how the sorority really will get a feel for you. It's your life in pictures. It's how you stand out from every other girl going through sorority recruitment.  

They are going to look at your Instagram before sorority recruitment, during sorority recruitment, and after you get a bid.


Why are they looking at your Instagram?

It’s simple.

They want to know who you are. 

They want to see what you are up to.

They want to see if you would be the right fit for the sorority.


Don’t forget, sorority recruitment is basically like speed dating.

You will meet with sorority members, have a conversation, and then move on.

However, the sorority members will most likely already know who you are.


Well, you gave them a social resume, you have a recommendation letter (hopefully), and they have looked at your social media….


You might be jumping on your phone and making your Instagram private. You might be thinking, "oh no, I don’t want random people looking at my life."


S T O P !  D O N ’ T   D O   I T !  S E R I OU S L Y !


It’s not necessarily a bad thing you are private on Instagram, but it won’t help you.

Let the sorority members snoop.

What are they going to find?

Nothing, but the best version of you. Remember you are the It Girl of sorority recruitment!


just be you


Wait, why won’t it help You?

Let’s say you just left a sorority house. It went alright. You felt like there was a slight connection since you both played tennis in high school. You thought the conversation could have gone better.

Then, the sorority member you talked to goes on Instagram and looks you up. She sees you did some really cool things this summer. You look like you could really fit in at the sorority.

B A M ! You just got a higher score.

Basically, your conversation went from okay to amazing in seconds! You make it to the next round, and you meet someone you just click with! You found your dream sorority!

Yep sounds crazy, but this is how sorority recruitment works.


This simple interaction is why Instagram is important to sorority recruitment.

It’s like the new Google.

It’s a place for the sorority members to look you up.

It’s a place for you to show off your personality.

It’s a place for you to capture your memories.


do you


How do you make your instagram incredible?

1. Just be you!

Show off your personality.

Show off what you are passionate about.

Show off your values.

Show off who you are.

If you are funny, write hilarious captions.

If you are adventurous, show it off in your photos.

If you are a fashionista, show off your outfits.

Just remember to stay true to who you are! Don’t fake until you make. Don’t try too hard. Just be you.


2. Be consistent.

Post at least one photo a week. The more the better. It will let the sorority members get a good feel for who you are.

You are on summer break it won’t be hard to be consistent.

Make a pack with your best friends that you guys are going to do something fun each week. It does not have to cost money. It could be anything.

Here are some examples of things to post:

  • Go on a hike

  • Post about your vacation

  • Mission trip

  • Giving back to the community

  • Quotes

  • Lake day

  • Concert

  • Things you are doing during the summer

  • Things you like to do

  • Working

  • Behind the scenes of your life

  • College orientation


It literally could be anything… just make sure the photo and caption do not have any red flags.

Read all about red flags HERE.


Instagram bio.

It's really is up to you. 

If you want to put your college and year you are expected to graduate, do it! It does make it easier to find you.

If you want to put a quote or bible verse, do it!

If you want to put a link, go for it! Just make sure that the link does not have any red flags.

Basically whatever you put in bio, make sure it represents you in the best light.


be authentic


Later Babes!



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