Sorority girls talk. Especially about sorority recruitment.

They talk about what they are required to wear. They talk about practicing for sorority recruitment. They talk about girls going through sorority recruitment.

A N D  that’s why it’s soooo important to reach out to sorority members at your college before sorority recruitment.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Here’s the deal.

Reaching out is about putting your best foot forward.

It’s about opening doors. It’s about letting girls know you are interested in all the sororities on campus. It’s about getting an inside scoop. Nothing is better than the inside scoop! It’s how you master your college’s sorority recruitment.


The members cannot reach out to you, but you can reach out to her.

When you reach out, you don’t want to come off desperate or annoying.

You   C A N N O T   say, "I want to join your sorority" or "how do I get a bid to your sorority?"

You can say, “I am rushing, and I was wondering what girls wear."

You can say, “I am rushing, and I was wondering how big of a time commitment sororities are?”

You can say, “ I am thinking about going through sorority recruitment, and I was just wondering what the process is like.”

Don’t worry reaching out is not dirty rushing!  

Just an FYI: Dirty rushing is basically when a sorority member:

  1. bribes you to be in her sorority (buys you anything or gives you anything)

  2. guarantees you a bid to her sorority

reaching out is showing you are interested

who can you reach out to?

Reach out to girls that went to your high school. Girls that you have mutual friends with.

Don’t reach out to people you don’t know.

Why should you reach out?

There are two main benefits to reaching out.

Let's get into them! 


Benefit #1.

The sorority member will tell her friends about you, and she will tell them how amazing you are!

Her friends will be on the lookout for you, and you will receive a higher score. 


They know the sorority member is vouching for you! They trust her opinion. 

Plus, the sorority members will know what to talk to you about. It helps with making connections. You know how important making connections are.

Connections get you to the next round of sorority recruitment!


insider's view


Benefit #2.

You get an inside scoop about sorority recruitment.

You get to ask a sorority member all the questions you want.


  • What do girls wear?

  • What the process is like?

  • How much of a time commitment is being a sorority?

You can ask her anything,   A N D   you get to practice small talk!!


Now, some basic questions you might have. 


When do you need to reach out?

The sooner the better!

Most sororities place a strict no talking to girls going through recruitment rule after a certain date. It really all depends on the college and sorority.

If the sorority member says she can’t talk to you, don’t take it personally. It’s because of the rule. It has nothing to do with you.



How many girls should you reach out to?

As many as possible! The more people who are saying how amazing you are, the better!


reaching out will help you


Can you reach out to girls at other colleges?

Yeah of course. It's a great way to get some of your questions answered!



Moral of the story, you   N E E D   to reach out to girls you know. It will help you a lot in sorority recruitment. Like a lot a lot! 


Let me know if you have any questions about reaching out or sorority recruitment. I am here to help you!


Later Babes!



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