You picked the college you are going to attend this Fall.

You probably already signed up for sorority recruitment.

Now, you are prepping. You are to filling out all the boring paperwork.

Just a quick note: If you want a checklist for sorority recruitment, click HERE.


This summer you might ask yourself, "how do I know which sorority is the right sorority for me?"

That’s a hard question to answer. It really depends on the experience you want. 

You probably have created a certain college experience in your mind. We all do it. We look to the movies to get some inspiration. 

Your storyline might look like this:

You get into the perfect sorority.

You meet your Big on Pref Night.

You meet your best friends on Bid Day.

You might even fall in love with a boy you meet at a social.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


I had the same basic storyline in my head. However, I was clueless about everything related to sororities. 

I didn't understand all the components of a sorority.

I thought it would be a great way to meet friends.

I didn't think there would be a huge time commitment.

I definitely didn’t think there would be any drama….every sorority has its ups and downs just like life.



getting lost in sorority recruitment. 

Looking back at my sorority recruitment experience, I wish I knew what I wanted out of a sorority.  

I got caught up in the process.

I was looking at the reputations, not at the girls in the sororities.

I was not putting my best foot forward because I was trying to fit a certain image.  

I was telling them what I thought they wanted to hear.

I was trying to be them.

I was not showing off who I was.

I got lost in the crowd of girls, and I was dropped from what I thought was my dream sorority.

I ended up giving the other sororities one more chance.

That’s when I found the perfect sorority for  M E . The sorority that ended up being my home away from home. The sorority that let me evolve into who I am today.

Read all about my sorority recruitment experience HERE.


i got lost


how to not get lost in the process.

You need to know why you are going through sorority recruitment.

  • Do you want to find your home away from home?

  • Do you want to make lasting friendships?

  • Do you want to be connected to your college?

  • Do you want to make your large university seem smaller?

  • Do you want to be invited to all the frat parties?

Whatever your reason is figure it out.




Then, figure out what your three qualities you want in a sorority.

It could be anything.

Here are some ideas:

  • Group of girls you feel connected to

  • Philanthropy you can stand behind

  • Sorority sisters who are involved on campus

  • Opportunities to hold a role in the sorority

  • Bible study group


Write this list of reasons in your phone, on a piece of paper, somewhere you can look back on when you are going through sorority recruitment.

It will give you a place to reflect.

It will give you a place to look at while you are voting.

It will give you a place to make connections.


the list.

The list will help...

  • You are actively engaged in conversations

  • You get to ask questions about what you want-- figure out if the sorority is a right fit

  • You get an unfiltered conversation

  • You get to truly meet the sorority members

  • You stand out

  • You become the It Girl


you will the it girl


During sorority recruitment, you need to look out for   Y O U R   best interests. You need to be the girl on a mission to find your dream sorority. Make connections. Show off your personality. Be you. 


Later Babes!



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