Pref round is the most important round of sorority recruitment.

The sorority members are really considering you to be a member. AKA they really like you!


And guess what?

You have the final decision on which sorority you want to join.

Read all about Pref  HERE.


Today, I am sharing all about  Y O U R  choices for sorority recruitment.

Here are your three choices:

  1. Rank the Sororities You Have

  2. Suicide Vote

  3. Drop from Recruitment

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Okay let’s get to the breakdown. 


First, let's talk about the basics of Pref...

Basically if you make it to Pref, you will usually have 2 or 3 sororities to visit (depending on your college.) Some girls will only have one sorority and that is okay!

You will go to each sorority. You will be there for around an hour. It's much longer than all the rest of the rounds.

This round is very serious and much more vulnerable. You will get a real feel for the sorority and the members. The members will usually share why they joined their sorority and why their sorority is special. Some of the members might even cry.







This is the safest choice and the choice all recruitment counselors recommend.

Basically what happens is after you go to all the sororities, you will vote on them. The order  M A T T E R S . The number one slot is the sorority you  W A N T  to join. Then, you list the other sororities in the remaining slots.


PREF voting sheer


Why is this a safe choice?

If your number one sorority does not pick you up and your number two sorority house does, you will get a bid to your number two house.


Reasons why  this is a good choice:

  1. You are almost guaranteed a bid-- The odds are in your favor. You are maximizing your chances to receive a bid.

  2. You like both or all of the sororities, and you will accept a bid to any of the sororities


if you like all of the sororities, rank them



Let’s say you go to all the sororities on your list for Pref. However, you only want to join  O N E  of the sororities. AKA you would be disappointed if you got a bid from one of the other sororities.

When you go to vote, you  O N L Y  put down your number one sorority…. This is called suicide vote because you are putting all of your eggs in one basket. It’s risky.


suicide voting card


Why is it riskier than ranking all of your sororities?

If your number one sorority does not extend a bid to you, you will be dropped from sorority recruitment. You will not be able to go through sorority recruitment until the following year.


The Scare Tactic.

The recruitment counselors may use scare tactics with a suicide vote. They usually say, "if you only put one sorority down, you will go to the bottom of the sorority's list." That’s a  F A L S E  statement. The only way a sorority will know if you do a suicide vote is if you tell them. They will  N O T  move you to the bottom of the list!

They use this scare tactic because they want to encourage Panhellenic love. AKA they are basically saying every sorority should be given a chance. That's true every sorority should be looked at for the girls, not the reputation. However, every sorority is not meant for every girl. You know? Like you're not friends with every single person you meet.


Here’s What Actually Happens During Voting.

Every round, you receive a score from the sorority, and you vote on each sorority. You will receive a different score from each sorority.

Your score depends on:

  • if you have a recommendation letter

  • your GPA

  • your involvement

  • your conversations -- the sorority members will give you an overall score on if they think you are a good fit for the sorority

  • some other technical stuff


Your score correlates with a number. The better your score is the better number you will have. Let's say:

  • You have a great GPA.

  • You have a REC letter.

  • You were in 3 clubs. You were tennis captain. You have 20 service hours.

  • You clicked with every girl you met in the sorority.

Then you are going to get a good score, and you might be at the top of the list! 


This list has less and less girls each round because the sorority has to cut girls each round. Where you fall on the list is how you get cut or asked back. The cutoff point depends on how many girls the Panhellenic Council tells the sorority to invite back. 

Your number will move up or down throughout sorority recruitment. This movement is because you receive a new score each round. 

Let's say Round One, you get an average score. Then Round Two, you get an above average score. Since Round Two counts more than Round One, you will move up on the list/ get a better number.

You will never know where you are on the list. When you are voting, you have to trust your gut.

Read more about voting  HERE.


The same voting process goes for Pref. Each sorority can only take so many girls.

Let’s say the sorority only can take 75 girls, but they have a list of 150. If you are number 63 on the list,   C O N G R A T S   you get a bid. However if you are 78 on the list, you did not get the bid.


This situation is why it’s important to know what you want. If you could see yourself in either sorority but you like one sorority more than the other, you need to rank both sororities.

If you only can see yourself in one of the sororities, you might want to consider a suicide vote.


Neither process is wrong, you need to go with the situation that seems right for you. It will all work out in the end.


Reason why this is a good choice:

If you cannot see yourself in the other sororities, don’t put them on your list. Nothing is worse than receiving a bid and not showing up to Bid Day. You took another girl’s spot.


consider a suicide vote



Let’s say you go to the sororities on your list, and you still cannot find your home. It’s okay, sometimes this happens.

You can choose to drop out of sorority recruitment. If you vote after Pref, you will not be able to go through sorority recruitment until the following year.

However, if you drop from sorority recruitment before you vote you still have options.

  1. You can try for a COB.

  2. You can see if there is a new sorority coming to your campus.

  3. You can join a non-Panhellenic sorority. 

Read all about COB's and your options  HERE.




  1. Look around -- Look at all the girls in the room. The sorority members and the girls going through sorority recruitment. These girls could be your sisters. Do you feel like this sorority could be your home?

  2. Be honest with the sorority -- If you love the sorority and really want to be a member, tell them! Tell them how much you feel at home. Tell them how you can see yourself there. If you are in love with another sorority, tell them you are still looking at your options. If you just got dropped from the sorority you thought you were going to join, tell them. They get it. They might have been in the same situation. 

  3. H E R E   I S   A   M A J O R   T I P : If you make it to Pref, the sorority likes you. Like really, really likes you. The sorority members have to create a Bid Day list, so they are doing an extreme version of voting. Basically, they are only giving out a  Y E S  or  N O  vote. How do they decide on your score? They are looking to you. Yep you ,the girl going through recruitment. Do you want to be there? If you do, you better tell them because they will give you the highest possible score! If you don't express your thoughts, you might not make the cut...

  4. Get to know the sorority members -- Look at the sorority members for who they are. Don’t look at the reputations.  

  5. Ask questions -- Ask about what you want to know. Do you want to join an intramural sports team, do they have a team? Do you want to hold a position, can you hold a position as a new member? Look back on your list. Find out all about the list you have to have for sorority recruitment HERE. Just make sure not to talk about B O Y S , B O O Z E , and P O L I T I C S .

  6. Be open-minded --- You never know which sorority is going to blow you away. Be open to all possibilities. Work on making connections.

  7. Go with your gut -- If you only like one sorority, consider a suicide vote. If you love all the sororities, rank them and put the sorority that feels like home in your #1 choice.


tell them what you think


Later Babes!



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