It’s time for another babe diaries.

Check out the first one HERE. It’s all about Arizona State University.  

So, what’s the babe diaries?

Babe diaries is a series I started about a year ago. I sit down and interview sorority members. We talk about their sorority and recruitment experience.

The goal is for you to learn more about the recruitment process and to get them to share all the secrets.

In today’s post, I interviewed Amanda. She runs a blog called The Happy Arkansan.

Amanda’s blog is an amazing place for millennials to learn about everyday things like fashion, career, and academics. You know, the advice we all need and want!

Make sure to check her out!

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Now, let’s spill some secrets about sorority recruitment!

What sorority were you in? where did you go to college?

I joined Sigma Sigma Sigma in 2012 when I went to the University of Central Arkansas.

Why did you go through recruitment?

I wanted something more from my college experience. At my school, we had deferred formal recruitment at the time (recruitment that takes place during the spring semester instead of the fall.) I had some time to adjust to campus, but I felt like I lacked any huge connection to my college. I wanted to be a part of something that was bigger than myself and allowed me to put some of my energy into something fun. Overall, I just wanted to make my college feel even more like home.

Why did you join your sorority?

I had so many amazing and positive experiences with members of my sorority before I joined my chapter. My resident assistant was a member of my sorority, and I met the most bubbly girl who was a member of my sorority in my Spanish class freshman year. I didn't know a ton about the sorority experience in general but knowing those two women and how amazing they were made me want to learn more about sorority life. I loved how diverse and accepting my sisters were, and how many opportunities for growth there was in my sorority.

What is your favorite memory from being in a sorority?

I have many fond sorority memories. I have such amazing memories of anything related to formal recruitment. Recruitment is a stressful time, but it's also one of the only times you are around members for that many hours all culminating in an extraordinary event of meeting new sisters.

Other fond memories I have of sorority life would be winning Collegian Of The Year at my sorority's state day during my Junior year. Even being nominated by my chapter was such a blessing, and winning the award that was open to all three Tri Sigma chapters in my state was even more amazing. Also, I adored attending our 2016 convention after I graduated as an alumna. It was a blast meeting many of the sisters across the country I'd grown to love through social media in person.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone going through recruitment in 2019?

Go in with an open mind and heart. Let yourself find new friendships and sisterhoods. Go into recruitment with the mindset of meeting and connecting with as many people as possible. This means connecting with others in your recruitment group who will probably join vastly different sororities than you do. Get to know women in rooms you don't even see yourself in. Sororities are amazing, but you don't have to lock yourself into only being friends with members of one chapter. You have a unique opportunity to chat with so many women who are the current and future leaders on your campus. Soak in this moment and reach out. It never hurts to have friends in various sorority chapters.

go in with an open mind and heart

What do you wish you knew before recruitment?

I wish I knew more about what to expect and how to handle sorority recruitment as an introvert. I ended up joining the sorority I knew I would be the best fit for, but I wish I would have taken the sorority journey a bit more seriously. I decided to go through recruitment pretty late in the process, so I didn't have a ton of time to do proper research on what to expect, how to stand out, et cetera. I am glad I landed where I did, I just wish I had taken the time to expand my horizons during recruitment week.

What would you recommend to bring with you during recruitment?

Something to write down notes, especially during the first days of recruitment. Even if you type out a few notes on your phone between rounds. The first days are often the most challenging because you are meeting so many people and the chapters can blur together, even if you are at a smaller college. Having something to jot down notes on is helpful.

Also bring a small kit of things to freshen up with between rounds like a mini lipstick, a travel deodorant, gum, and stuff like that. Make sure it fits in your purse. Often recruitment happens during the summer, so you're likely going to need to reset between rounds while going from house to house.

What do girls wear during recruitment at your college?

Recruitment at my school is fairly typical to other sorority recruitments. The first round is usually more glamour-casual with something like a maxi dress, a skirt/blouse combo, or something like that. The second round is more casual with a Panhellenic t-shirt and jeans or a quality pair of shorts. The last round is the most dressy because it's preference round, so a more formal cocktail dress is usually worn.

What surprised you about recruitment?

As a potential new member, the part that probably surprised me the most was how quick the parties went by. Especially the first round, you don't have all that much time to make a connection/impression.

As a member, probably the thing that shocked me when I first went through recruitment on the sorority side was how much goes into it and how nervous everyone is. There is a ton of preparation and planning to make parties seem seamless. There are also tons of nerves on the sorority side too. Sorority women are just as nervous about making a great first impression on you as you are on them.

everyone is nervous, even the members

everyone is nervous event the members

What’s your best tip for connecting with the members?

Don't get caught up in it all! Recruitment is tricky to navigate, but you aren't talking to celebrities here. These are regular college students. The only difference between you and them is that you aren't in a sorority yet and they are. Don't feel so much pressure! Recruitment is a mutual selection process. You have to pick each other. Mutual selection means you have at least a bit of say so in this situation.

Let me know what college you want the next babe diaries to be from.

Later Babes!




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