So…How does sorority recruitment work? How do you even get into a sorority?

Recruitment can seem confusing. It’s hard to know where to start.

Don’t worry, I am going to break it all down for you!

Before I jump into all the secrets, you need to know every college has a different recruitment process. To find out all the information about your college’s recruitment, you need to go to your Panhellenic website.

This post is just a general overview of the recruitment process.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?



Step 1. Register.

To go through sorority recruitment, you have to register.

To find this form, go to your college’s Panhellenic website.

Once you are there, you will have to fill out some basic information about yourself like your GPA, activities you were involved in during high school (and, or college), etc.

Also, you will have to pay to register.

The fee usually increases as you get closer to recruitment. Make sure to sign up sooner rather than later!

Step 2. Get REC letters.

REC letters also known as recommendation letters.

These letters are forms filled out by alumnus of a sorority. The alumnus will share basic information about you and send it to the sorority.

Why do you need these letters?

These letters let the sorority know you will be a good potential new member.

How do you get these letters?

First, ask the people you know who were in sororities.

Then, go to Facebook. All you have to do is type out a status asking for REC letters. Here’s an example, “Hi! I am going through sorority recruitment at Insert your college name here. I need recommendation letters for the following sororities… Then, list all the sororities you need REC letters for.”

Want to learn more about REC letters? Click HERE.

After the women volunteer to write your REC letters, you will need to send them a social resume, a transcript, a photo of you, your ACT or SAT scores, and a cover letter.

I know it sounds like a lot of work, and it kind of is. However, all of this information will help the women to write an amazing REC letter for you.

I have created blog posts to help you create all of this material.

Click HERE  to learn about social resumes.

Click HERE to learn about cover letters.

Click HERE to get a checklist to prepare for sorority recruitment.




The night before recruitment starts most colleges have an orientation.

You will find out all the basics of recruitment. Like what to expect and how your schedule will work.  You will also get your recruitment t-shirts if your college has a t-shirt day.

The most important thing about orientation is you will meet your recruitment counselor and meet your recruitment group.

What’s a recruitment counselor?

She is a member of a sorority on your campus, B U T she has disaffiliated from her sorority. She is there to help you go through the process. She will be your support system. She will be there to help you the entire way and answer all your questions. She is basically like your big sister.

Want to learn more about recruitment counselors? Click HERE.

What’s a recruitment group?

It’s a group of girls going through recruitment. Usually, the groups are made based on your last name.

The first day of recruitment you will go with all these girls to visit all of the sororities.

Then after the first day, everyone has a different schedule.

However, you will meet with your recruitment group to get your list of sororities to visit for the day. You will also meet back up at the end of the day to rank the sororities you visited.


Round one is the first day of recruitment. If you go to a large college, it can be multiple days.

This day you will meet all of the sororities on your campus.

The rounds will be fast.

You will meet multiple sorority members.

By the end of this round, it can be hard to tell each sorority apart. It’s extremely important to write down what you talked about and if you connected with the members. This list will make ranking the sororities so much easier.

I recommend creating the list on your phone, but some colleges do not allow phones during recruitment. If you can’t have your phone, bring a small notebook and pen with you.

After you meet all of the sororities, you will rank them.

There are two sections.

  1. The top section will be the sororities you want to go back to the next round.

    The order of this section does NOT matter.

  2. The bottom sections will be the sororities you want to drop. AKA the sororities you don’t want to go back to next round.

    The order of this section M A T T E R S .

    If some of the sororities on your top list don’t invite you back, the Panhellenic Council will pull the sororities from your drop list for you to visit. They will start with your first dropped sorority and then move onto the others.

    I know it’s kind of confusing.

    Here is an example. Let’s say you visit 6 sororities during Round One. Let’s call them A, B, C, D, E, F.

    You have to keep 4 and drop 2.

    You keep A, B, C, D.

    You drop E, F. You like sorority E more than sorority F.

    Then when after the sororities vote, sorority C drops you. However, sorority E invites you back.

    For Round Two, you will go visit A, B, D, and E.

Want to learn more about voting? Click HERE.

The sororities will rank you either after each round or at the end of the day. This decision of when to vote depends on the sorority.

Want to know what you are going to be scored on? Click HERE.

Want to know what type of questions the members are going to ask you? Click HERE.

Want to know what you should wear? Click HERE.


This round is invitation only. Meaning you have to be invited to the sororities.

You will either

  1. Receive your list when you meet with your recruitment group that morning

  2. Receive your list through a text from your recruitment counselor or on an app

Here’s the tough part about recruitment, your list of sororities to visit can be composed of sororities you tried to cut. Another thing is you might not have a full schedule. Guess what, that’s okay! A lot of girls will get back sororities they cut, A N D a lot of girls will not have full schedules.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Recruitment is just a numbers game. It does not mean the sororities did not like you.

What’s a full schedule?

It’s getting invited back to the maximum amount of sororities for the round.

Here’s an example, let’s say you can get invited back to 5 sororities for Round 2. If you are invited back to 4 sororities, you do not have a full schedule.

How long is this round?

This round is longer than Round One.

Will you meet the same members?

You will meet different members.

What will the members ask you?

The questions will not be rapid fire. It’s much more conversational. The members really want to meet you and find out if you would make a good member.

Also, this round is usually dedicated to a theme of sisterhood or philanthropy.

Since there is a theme, the sorority members will ask you questions about the theme.

For example, let’s say the theme for Round Two is philanthropy.

Some of the questions the members might ask are

  • What did you do in high school?  

  • If you are already in college, what did you do last year?

  • What do you want to get involved in this year?

Again, make sure to keep a list of all the things you like and don’t like about each sorority.

After this round is completed, you will rank the sororities you have visited.

If your recruitment process has a Round Three, it will be very similar to Round Two.

All that is different is

  1. You will visit fewer sororities.

  2. It will have a different theme than Round Two.  


Pref is the last round of recruitment.

The members will usually share their recruitment stories and why they choose to be a member. It can get emotional. Some members might even cry.

How long is this round?

This round is the longest round and the most formal.

How many sororities will you visit?

The amount of sororities you will visit depends on your college. Usually, it’s one to three sororities.

What type of questions will the members ask you?

The members will ask you some tougher questions this round. They are really searching to see if you will make a good member.

Want to know what they will ask you? Click HERE.

After this round, you rank your final sororities. The order M A T T E R S . The sorority you really, really want to join needs to be in the first slot.

This is the only round where you will have the opportunity to not rank all the sororities.

Yep, you heard me right. You don’t have to rank all of the sororities. It’s called a single preference vote also known as a suicide vote.

Okay here’s the thing, this type of voting is risky. If your number one sorority does not put you at the top of their Bid Day list, you will be dropped from sorority recruitment.

I only recommend doing this if

  1. You are okay with knowing you will not be in a sorority.

  2. You really could not see yourself in the other sorority.

Want to learn more about a single preference vote? Click HERE.

Okay now, I’m going to let you in on a secret. A lot of members do a blunt vote during Pref. It’s basically a Y E S vote (the members will give you the best score) or N O vote (the members will give you the worst score).

Why do they do this?

The members want to see certain girls run home on Bid Day. Therefore, the girls they L O V E need to be at the top of the Bid Day list.

How do they make sure girls are at the top of the Bid Day list?

They give them the best score possible.

This vote is why is sooooo important to let the members know how you are feeling.

If you love the sorority, you need to tell them you want to be there. You should talk about how much you love the sorority and how you really connected with the members and how you could see yourself being a member.

If you don’t love the sorority, don’t be rude. However, you could politely say you are considering all your options.



Bid day is the last day of sorority recruitment. It’s when you finally find out your home.

It’s a really exciting day. You will meet all your new sisters.

That’s it. That’s how recruitment works!

Later Babes!




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