I hate to break it to you… but sorority recruitment is A L L about small talk. Like every single conversation. It’s one conversation after another, and it starts to feel like you have had the same conversation one million times.

You will be asked all the basic questions. Like:

Where are you from?

What year are you?

Where are you living?

What did you do this summer O R What did you do during the Fall semester?

Wonder what else the sorority members are going to ask you? HERE are some of the top questions asked.

But guess what… the sorority members really don’t care about your answers to these questions. They are searching for a connection. If the sorority members connect with you, you are going to get a better score. Yep. It really is that simple. The sorority members are looking for girls who will fit in the sorority. They are looking for friends.

I know this idea probably seems like common sense. But the real question is how do you take these basic conversations and turn them into something amazing?

How do you stand out from the crowd of potential new members?

How do you show the sorority members you are the perfect new member?

I am going to breakdown the top five babe tips on how to have amazing conversations during sorority recruitment.

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Okay enough rambling, let’s get into the 5 babe tips.

BABE TIP #1. Get excited to meet the members.

Let’s be honest you have to stay excited for E V E R Y sorority you meet. Yep. Every. Single. Sorority.

Your excitement needs to start the second you enter the round, and it all starts with your body language.

The sorority members are going to be smiling from ear to ear. They are going to be so excited to meet you! They are going to be welcoming.

You need to put out the same energy.

If you look bored, the sorority is going to think you don’t want to be there…. and you might get dropped. The sorority members don’t want to waste their time on girls who don’t want to join their sorority.

Your score mainly depends on the conversations you are having. However if you start the conversation off with low energy, you could be passing up connections.

Let’s say there is a girl who looks so bored. Like literally dead behind the eyes bored. When a sorority member walks up to her, immediately the sorority member is going to feel her energy and put out the same vibe. AKA a low energy conversation. The conversation will go nowhere. They probably will be talking about the weather…. how boring!

Then, there is a girl who is smiling and engaging. The sorority member will feel her energy and immediately try and find a connection to make the conversation work.

This type of girl is the girl you want to be. You will have so many options, and you will get to choose your dream sorority.

So, how do you keep your energy up?

The simple answer is you just have to keep your energy high and remain excited.

However the rounds will be long, and you will probably be able to guess what the sorority members are going to ask you by the fourth sorority you meet. You might start to feel your energy dropping, but you have to smile through the pain.

My best tips for getting high energy is to give yourself a pep talk about how amazing you are and how you are going to have the best conversations of your life. Tell yourself you are going to make connections, and you will find your new friends. Treat every sorority like it’s the first sorority you have met.

All of this self-love talk will create the amazing conversations you want to have with the sorority members.

pep yourself up with self-love talk

BABE TIP #2. Don’t walk into the sororities with judgment.

Okay, I know you are probably rolling your eyes at me…. everyone says this, but could not be truer!!!

You will hear lots of things about every sorority. Like which sorority are “the best” and which sororities you should drop.

Don’t listen to the gossip. Let it go in one ear and out the other. You need to make your own opinions.

Every sorority is made up of amazing girls. You need to focus in on making connections with the sorority members. If you have a standoff attitude, you will be dropped. Plus what if that one sorority is the sorority for you… you will miss out on so many connections.

Moral of the story. Don’t listen to gossip. Make connections. Use those connections to make your O W N opinions of the sororities.

make your own opinions

BABE TIP #3. Know what you want out of a sorority.

Everyone says to go into sorority with an open mind, and I 100% agree. You don’t need to do a ton of research on the sororities before sorority recruitment. No one will expect you to recite the colors and mascot.

B U T …. you need to know what kind of experience you want out of a sorority. Every sorority is a liittttle different. The differences are what make every sorority so special.

Do you want to hold a position?

Do you want to feel strongly connected to a philanthropy?

Do you want to be in a sorority with a lot of social functions?

Do you want a strong sisterhood?

Whatever the case is, you need to write down your top three values you want in a sorority. Then, ask the sorority members questions around these values.

Don’t forget you cannot talk about boys, booze, religion, or politics. These topics might cause red flags and get you a bad score. However if you want to know if the sorority has a bible study, that’s perfectly okay question to ask.

Want to know more about this topic? Click HERE.

envision your dream sorority

BABE TIP #4. Make connections with the guaranteed questions.

Almost every sorority is going to ask you some of the basic questions. Like:

Where are you from?

What year are you?

What do you want to get involved in?

Click HERE for a list of the top 10 questions sorority member ask.

Most girls will give one words answers. Here is an example.

Sorority Member: Where are you from?

PNM (potential new member): Savannah, GA.

In this conversation, the sorority member might know where the pnm’s hometown is, or she has no clue where it is. Either way, she is probably going to ask her another question on a completely different topic.

Most of the time these one word answers will start to feel like an interview rather than a conversation, and it gets really boring. It’s just one questions after another…

So how do you make the conversations more fun?

You want to make sure your answers are sort of interesting, and your answers should show off your personality.  

Here is an example.

Sorority member: Where are you from?

PNM: I am from Savannah, GA. I love it there, but I wanted a smaller town for college. It just seems like I will get the college experience I have always dreamed of.

Here is how it works. Rather than a one word answer, you say why you decided to leave (or stay) your hometown for college or what you wanted in a college town.

Now, the sorority member will be able to relate. Maybe she left her hometown. She will be able to tell you about her experience, and what she did to combat homesickness or how she made new friends. This type of answer will have you making connections.

Moral of the story: You have to open up to the sorority members and be vulnerable. You need to share information about yourself. It’s how you make genuine connections. It’s how you form real friendships. It’s how you find the perfect sorority for you!

This type of conversation does not come naturally to everyone. It’s important to practice small talk.

make connections with guaranteed questions

Babe Tip #5. Don’t stress out.

Don’t stress out about the conversations.

The sorority members have been practicing for weeks. Their goal is to make you feel comfortable and make sorority recruitment fun for you!

You don’t need to have a list of 20 questions prepared nor a plan of action for every conversation. You just need to be present. Listen to the sorority members, and ask questions. Act like you are just talking to one of your BFFs. This trick will take all the pressure off!

If there is an awkward silence, it happens! It’s really not a big deal. Use this moment to ask a question. Ask something from your dream sorority list. For example, let’s say you want to hold a position in a sorority. Ask if new members have the ability to hold a position.

Here are some other topics to ask about:

  • philanthropy events

  • social functions the sorority holds throughout the year

  • Big/Little

Ask about anything you want to know.

You got this! Have fun, and let the conversations flow.

Later Babes!





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