Round One is the first day of sorority recruitment. It’s all about first impressions. The members might have an idea of what you are like (they will look at your social media), but during recruitment they are looking to see if you will fit in with the sorority. AKA they are asking themselves, “Can I be friends with insert your name here?”

Now, let breakdown this round and give you some tips!




Basic Breakdown:

Sorority recruitment is composed of rounds and parties.

Round are like themes. The four basic themes for sorority recruitment are:

  1. First impression

  2. Sisterhood

  3. Philanthropy

  4. Preferential -- Last Round

These rounds allow you to see all sides of the sororities and meet as many sorority girls as possible.

Then, you have parties. Each party you will visit one sorority. You will have multiple parties in a day.

So let’s say your college has 10 sororities. Then for Round One, you will have 10 parties.


Round One:

Like I said above, Round One is all about first impressions.

During this day, you will visit all of the sororities on campus. Since you are meeting so many girls, the rounds will be fast.

Here is what will happen.

You will walk into the sorority house or room if your school does not have sorority houses. The sorority girls might sing some songs or be lined up.

Then, a sorority girl will come to get you, and the conversation will begin.

The conversations for this round will be basic. The sorority girls are just trying to get to know you.

Some of the questions they might ask include:

  1. Where are you from?

  2. If you are from out of state-- Why did you choose your college?

  3. What is your intended major?

  4. What dorm are you living in?

  5. What did you do over the summer?

Most likely, you will meet multiple girls in each sorority.

Then, the sorority girls will walk you out. At some colleges, the members will immediately go and vote on the girls they met. At other colleges, they wait to vote at the end of the day.

You will vote on the sororities at the end of the day.

Tips for sorority recruitment



  • Try and make at least one connection during the party. This connection will allow you to be remembered when the sorority girls are voting. The connection can be something simple like your job, you both know someone, your town, the same dorm, dining halls.

  • When you are standing outside waiting for the round to start, you will hear gossip about the sororities. Keep an open mind. NOT all of the gossip is true!

  • Keep a list on your phone of all the sororities. Write down what you like and don't like. This list will make voting so much easier for you.

  • You might be nervous going in Round One, Party One but so is everyone else. Even some of the sorority girls!

  • Wear something that allows you to stand out from the crowd. It could a color, a printed shoe, or jewelry.

  • If you have questions, ask them. Make sure the questions you are asking for this day are simple. You will learn more about the sororities as the days go on!

Some sample questions to ask are:

  1. favorite restaurants in town

  2. favorite clothing stores

  3. football, basketball, or other things your college is known for

 D O N O T T A L K A B O U T B O Y S , B O O Z E , O R P O L I T I C S !

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Later Babes!



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