You made it through all the rounds of sorority recruitment. You voted one last time.

Now, it’s Bid Day. Walking to the final meeting place you are probably excited and nervous and have butterflies in your stomach. You are about to start a new chapter. You are about to meet all your new sisters.

Ahh so exciting!!

Bid Day is probably the most magical day of the year. I guess you can compare it to like Christmas Day when you still believed in Santa. You know? You are so excited you just cannot contain yourself.

B U T you might be wondering, how do bids work in sorority recruitment?

I am going to give you all the information!

Want to know 5 ways to stand out from all the other potential new members?


Okay let’s get into it.

What’s a bid?

A bid is a formal invitation to join a sorority.

It’s basically like the sorority saying, “We love you. We think you would make a great member of the sorority. Do you want to join?”

When do you get a bid?

You have to go through all the rounds of sorority recruitment and vote on the sororities. Then on the last day of sorority recruitment, you will receive a bid. AKA Bid Day.

Want to learn more about voting? Click HERE.

How does getting a bid work?

After Pref, you vote on your #1 sorority. Don’t forget order matters when you vote after Pref!

The sorority members vote on the girls they have to have in the sorority. The girls that will make the best new members.

Then, the sorority will put all the potential new members on a list in ranking order. The girls with the best scores are at the top of the list.

Later, the Panhellenic Council will tell each sorority the final number of girls they can deliver bids to.

The sororities go back to their list and matching begins.

Essentially, here’s how matching works.

Let’s say your final two sororities were Delta Nu and Alpha Alpha Alpha.

You L O V E Delta Nu. It’s your #1 sorority. You like Alpha Alpha Alpha, so you put it as your number #2.

Wondering about a single preference vote? Click HERE.

Both Delta Nu and Alpha Alpha Alpha can give out 50 bids.

Here are the three situations.

Situation #1.

During your preference vote, you vote Delta Nu #1. Delta Nu puts you on their Bid Day list. AKA you are in the top 50. You get a bid to your #1 sorority. Y A Y !

Situation #2.

During your preference vote, you vote Delta Nu #1. Delta Nu doesn’t put you on their Bid Day list. AKA you are not in the top 50. However, you are on Alpha Alpha Alpha’s Bid day list. You get a bid to Alpha Alpha Alpha. Y A Y !

Situation #3.

During your preference vote, you vote Delta Nu #1. Delta Nu doesn’t put you on their Bid Day list. AKA you are not in the top 50. Then, they go to Alpha Alpha Alpha’s Bid Day list. You are not on the list. You are released from sorority recruitment.

I know this situation is scary. I am including this situation because I want to be transparent with you. You can still get cut after Pref.

However, you can still join a sorority!

Click HERE to find out more.

After mutual selection, each sorority will receive their final list of potential new members. Now, things start to get exciting! The sororities will write out invitations. They will finalize all Bid Day things. Like making new member signs.

The next day is Bid Day. Most colleges have you meet in a neutral location. Like a building on campus or the football stadium. There you will meet with your recruitment counselors and all the girls who are getting bids. Your recruitment counselors will hand you an envelope. Then, there will be a countdown. Once the clock hits zero, it’s go time. You open your bid. You will probably scream from excitement!

After all bids are opened, you will go run home to your sorority.

Then, Bid Day starts.

Do you have to accept the bid?

No. You have the ability to refuse your bid.

If you decide to refuse your bid, you need to go talk to your recruitment counselor.

Just an FYI: If you refuse your bid, you will not be eligible to go through sorority recruitment for an entire year. You will not be able to participate in COBs or informal recruitment.

I always recommend going to Bid Day. You never know. Maybe you will meet girls who you clicked with. Maybe you have an idea of what the sorority is, but it really something way different.

Give the sorority a chance. There is a reason you received a bid.

if you refuse your bid, you will not be eligible to go through sorority recruitment for  year

What happens after you receive a bid?

After you receive a bid, you are in a phase called new member. During this phase, you will learn all the ins and outs of the sorority. You will get to meet a ton of members. You might get a Big. You will get to hang out with all the other new members. It an exciting time! It’s basically like having all the benefits of being in a sorority and not having to do all the work.

You will not be an actual member of the sorority until you are initiated.

What’s Bid Day like?

It’s incredible. I know I sound dramatic… but it’s a lot of fun!

Sororities love a party.

Each sorority will have a theme. Like Game Day or New Bids on the Block. If you look on Pinterest, you will see a million different themes sororities have used.

There will be lots of glitter and color and food and music.

Some sororities keep it low key and stay at the sorority house.

Some sororities might go somewhere or rent out a venue. It really all depends on the culture of your college.

No matter what, there will be lots of socializing, pictures, and fun.

What do new members wear to Bid Day?

Your recruitment counselor should let you know what to wear.

Most girls wear a t-shirt and jean shorts/ jeans.

Usually, you will receive a t-shirt to your new sorority.

However, some colleges do require you to wear something specific. For example, the University of Georgia requires all potential new members to wear white dresses. Every girl can change into something more comfortable once they get to their new sorority.

Later Babes!





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